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General Interest ^ 

San Camilo 1936, Cela i 

Line of Light and Shadow, Hernandez 2 

Storming the Reality Studio, McCaffery 3 

T 4 ie Tail of the Dragon, Siegel 4 

The World and the Bo Tree, Bevington 5 

Living with the Shore 

A Moveable Shore, Patton &C Kent 6 

Post-Contemporary Interventions 

The Politics of Liberal Education, Gless & Herrnstein Smith 8 
Figures of Resistance, Okada 8 ' 

The Story of Stone, Wang 9 

The Dialectics of Our America, Saldivar 10 

American Literature 

Donald Barthelme, Klinkowitz 11 

Satire or Evasion?, Leonard, Tenney & Davis 12 

On Frost, Cady & Budd 12 

American Studies 

False Promises, Aronowitz 13 

Rock & Roll and Culture, DeCurtis 13 

Art History 

Andrea del Castagno and His Patrons, Spencer 14 
Engraven Desire, Stewart 14 > 

Asian Studies 

Literary Authority and the Modern Chinese Writer, Larson 15 
Schools into Fields and Factories, Chan & Dirlik 15 
Muslims in Central Asia, Cross 16 

Latin American Studies 

The United States in Central America, 1860-1911, Schoonover 17 
Millenarian Vision, Capitalist Reality, Diacon 17 

Soviet/East European Studies 

Untying the Afghan Knot, Khan 18 
Military Occupation and Diplomacy, Verona 18 
Invented Truth, Woll 19 
Perestroika, Lahusen 19 

Political Science 

On Internal War, Odom 20 

The Government and Politics of the European Community, 
Nugent 20 

The Crisis of Socialism in Europe, Lemke & Marks 21 

The Dimensions of Federalism, Lowry 22 

Expon Controls in Transition, Bertsch & Elliott-Gower 22 


International Trotskyism, 1929-1985, Alexander 23 


What Makes Sound Patterns Expressive?, Tsur 


Economics and National Security, Goodwin 25 

Forest History 

Bernhard Eduard Fernow, Rodgers 25 

Selected Backlist & Bestsellers 26 
Journals 29 ' 

Sales Information 31 
Index 31 
Order Form 32 

Cover art from Line of Light and Shadow, page 2 


San Camilo, 1936: 
The Eve, Feast, 
and Octave of St. 
Camillus of the Year 
1936 in Madrid 

Camilo Jose Cela 
Translated by John H. R. Polt 

Widely regarded as one of the 
best works by the winner of the 
1989 Nobel Prize for Literature, 
San Camilo, ip ^6 appears here 
for the first time in English 
translation. One of Spain’s most 
popular writers, Camilo Jose 
Cela is recognized for his experi¬ 
ments with language and with 
difficult subject matter. In San 
Camilo, ip^ 6 , first published in 
1969, these concerns converge in 
a fascinating narrative that is as 
challenging as it is rewarding, as 
troubling as it is compelling. 

A story of history as it happens, 
by turns confusing and star¬ 
tlingly clear, echoing with news 
and rumors, defined by grand 
gestures and intimate pauses, the 
novel leads the reader into the 
ordinary life of extraordinary 
times. Beginning on the eve of 
the Spanish Civil War, San 
Camilo, ipj 6 follows a 
twenty-year-old student’s at¬ 
tempts to sort out his private 
affairs (sex, money, career) in the 
midst of the turmoil overtaking 
his country. In vivid and richly 
textured prose that distinguishes 
Cela’s work, the emotional 
reality of civil war takes on a 
vibrant immediacy that is hu¬ 
morous, harsh, tender, and 
ultimately transforming as a 
young man tries to come to 
terms with the historical mo¬ 
ment he inhabits—and hopes to 

Readers new to Cela will find in 
this novel ample reason for the 
author’s growing reputation 
among audiences worldwide. 

gies at the age when most 
gentlemen tend their gardens. 
Camilo Jose Cela approaches 
dusk with a steadfast gaze that 
only a few writers of genius can 
turn upon the face of chaos.” 

—Eduardo Gonzalez, The Nobel 
Prize Annual ipSp 

Camilo Jose Cela, born in Spain 
in 1916, is the author of more 
than fifteen books, including the 
novels The Family of Pascual 
Duarte, The Hive, Mrs. Caldwell 
Speaks to Her Son, and a travel 
narrative. Journey to the Alcarria, 
all of which have been published 
in English translation. In 1987 
Cela was awarded the Prince of 
Asturias Prize for Literature. In 
1989 he received the Nobel Prize 
for Literature. 

John H. R. Polt is Professor of 
Spanish at the University of 
California, Berkeley. He has 
published numerous books, 
articles, and translations. 

330 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1196-8 

paper, $i4.95tr 

ISBN 0-8223-1179-8 

library cloth edition, $45.95 


Rights: World, excluding 
Europe and British Common¬ 
wealth (except Canada) 

About Camilo Jose Cela 

“Cela continues to anticipate 
and outlast his peers. Few con¬ 
temporary writers can match his 
range, verbal richness, and pu¬ 
rity of means. Few have given 
better evidence of dwelling in 
awfulness while caressing 
beauty. No other artist—except 
Picasso—has tapped such ener¬ 

Line of Light 
and Shadow: 

The Drawings of 
Federico Garcia 

Mario Hernandez 
Translated by Christopher 

Foreword by Michael 

Federico Garcia Lorca 
(1898-1936), Spain’s greatest 
modern poet and playwright, 
produced a body of visual art 
that has gone largely unnoticed. 
Lorca’s drawings—executed on 
inexpensive paper in pencil, ink, 
crayon, pastel, and gouache— 
span his career. Assimilating 
themes and motifs from Dali, 
Miro, Picabia, and Picasso, 
Lorca’s graphic works include 
haunting self- portraits, abstract 
sketches, still lifes, whimsical 
doodles, and drawings of sailors, 
Andalusian gypsies, and Spanish 

Lavishly illustrated. Line of Light 
and Shadow provides an exhaus¬ 
tive catalog of Lorca’s extant 
drawings. In a series of essays, 
Mario Hernandez, Spain’s fore¬ 
most authority on Lorca, com¬ 
ments on different themes in the 
drawings, showing how they 
serve as an indispensable aid to 
the interpretation of Lorca’s 
lyrical world, from Songs to 
Gypsy Ballads to Poet in New 
York. Many of these sketches 
were made in copies of his books 
dedicated to friends in Spain, 
New York, and Latin America, 
and some of them illustrate 
particular texts. 

Few of these drawings were 
published in Lorca’s lifetime (he 
was assassinated by a fascist 

The Meadows Museum, 
Southern Methodist University, 
Nov. 7-Jan. 9,1992 

See also page 26 for other books 
published in association with the 
Duke University Museum of Art 

The Brummer Collection 
of Medieval Art: Duke 
University Museum of Art 

Caroline Bruzelius with 
Jill Meredith 

The Art Museums of 
Louis 1. Kahn 

Patricia C. Loud 

firing squad in 1936) and are only 
now being cataloged on the 
occasion of a major exhibition 
originating in Madrid and tour¬ 
ing the United States in 1991. 
Line of Light and Shadow illumi¬ 
nates a little-known facet of this 
extraordinary artist whose influ¬ 
ence has extended throughout 
Europe, the United States, and 
Latin America. 

Mario Hernandez, a poet and 
scholar of modern Spanish litera¬ 
ture, is Professor at the 
Universidad Autonoma de 
Madrid. Among his latest works 
is a facsimile edition with a 
meticulous study of Poet in New 
York and related works, 
published in Spanish 
(Tabapress: Madrid). 

Christopher Maurer 
is Chair of the 
Department of 
Spanish and Portu¬ 
guese at Vanderbilt 
University and is 
editor of The Poeti¬ 
cal Works of Federico 
iiGarcia Lorca. 

Published in Association with the 
Duke University Museum of Art 
273 pages, 381 illustrations 
(includes 116 full-page in color) 
11-3/4 X 12-1/2 trim size 
ISBN 0-8223-1122-4 
paper, $49.95tr 

Exhibition schedule 

Duke University Museum 
of Art, Duke University, 
March i-May 19,1991 

Mary & Leigh Block Gallery, 
Northwestern University, 
Sept. 5-Oct. 20,1991 


Storming the Reality 
Studio: A Casebook 
of Cyberpunk 
and Postmodern 
Science Fiction 

Larry McCafFery, editor 

The term “cyberpunk” entered 
the literary landscape in 1984 to 
describe William Gibson’s 
pathbreaking novel Neuro- 
mancer. Cyberpunks are now 
among the shock troops of 
postmodernism, Larry 
McCaffery argues in Storming 
the Reality Studio, marshalling 
the resources of a fragmentary 
culture to create a startling new 
form. Artificial intelligence, 
genetic engineering, multina¬ 
tional machinations, frenetic 
bursts of prose, collisions of 
style, celebrations of texture: 
although emerging largely from 
science fiction, these features of 
cyberpunk writing are, as this 
volume makes clear, integrally 
related to the aims and innova¬ 
tions of the literary avant-garde. 

By bringing together original 
fiction by well-known contem¬ 
porary writers (William 
Burroughs, Thomas Pynchon, 
Don DeLillo, Kathy Acker, J. G. 
Ballard, Samuel R. Delany), 
critical commentary by some of 
the major theorists of 
postmodern art and culture 
(Jacques Derrida, Fredric 
Jameson, Timothy Leary, Jean- 
Fran^ois Lyotard), and work by 
major practitioners of 
cyberpunk (William Gibson, 
Rudy Rucker, John Shirley, Pat 
Cadigan, Bruce Sterling), Storm¬ 
ing the Reality Studio reveals a 
fa.scinating ongoing dialog in 
contemporary culture. 

What emerges most strikingly 
from the colloquy is a shared 
preoccupation with the force of 

Selected contributors 

technology in shaping modern 
life. It is precisely this concern, 
according to McCaffery, that has 
put science fiction, typically the 
province of technological art, at 
the forefront of creative explora¬ 
tions of our unique age. 

A rich opportunity for reading 
across genres, this anthology 
offers a new perspective on the 
evolution of postmodern culture 
and ultimately shows how 
deeply technological develop¬ 
ments have influenced our 
vision and our art. 

Larry McCaflFery, Professor of 
English at San Diego State 
University, is the author of 

numerous books including The 
Metafictional Muse: The Works 
of Robert Coover, Donald 
Barthelme, and William H. Gass 
and Across the Wounded Galax¬ 
ies: Interviews with Contempo¬ 
rary American Science Fiction 
Authors, and coauthor of Any¬ 
thing Can Happen: Interviews 
with Contemporary American 

344 pages, 8 illustrations 
ISBN 0-8223-1168-2 
paper, Siy.^^tr 
ISBN 0-8223-1158-5 
library cloth edition, $49.95 
January 1992 

Kathy Acker 
J. G. Ballard 
William S. Burroughs 
Pat Cadigan 
Samuel R. Delany 
Don DeLillo 
William Gibson 
Harold Jaffe 
Richard Kadrey 
Marc Laidlaw 
Mark Leyner 
Joseph McElroy 

Ted Mooney 
Thomas Pynchon 
Rudy Rucker 
Lucius Shepard 
Lewis Shiner 
John Shirley 
Bruce Sterling 
William Vollman 

Jean Baudrillard 
Jacques Derrida 
Joan Gordon 
Veronica Hollinger 
Fredric Jameson 
Arthur Kroker and 
David Cook 
Timothy Leary 
Jean-Fran9ois Lyotard 
Larry McCaffery 
Brian McHale 
Dave Porush 
Bruce Sterling 
Darko Suvin 
Takayuki Tatsumi 


The Tail of the 
Dragon: New 
Dance, 1976-1982 

Marcia B. Siegel 
Photographs by 
Nathaniel Tileston 

In The Tail of the Dragon, 

Marcia B. Siegel and Nathaniel 
Tileston track the evolution of 
new dance in New York during 
the rich and crucial transitional 
period from the mid-1970s to 
the early 1980s. Siegel, one of 
America’s most important dance 
critics, and Tileston, an accom¬ 
plished dance photographer, 
focus on the choreographers 
who were propelled into rebel¬ 
lion against conventional mod¬ 
ern dance by the Judson Dance 
Theater and other counter- 
cultural movements born of 
the 1960s. 

This collection of Siegel’s writ¬ 
ing, compiled from reviews in 
Soho Weekly News and New York 
Magazine, as well as from longer 
essays and notebook pieces, 
forms an insightful commen¬ 
tary—occasionally wry, always 
perceptive—on the absorption 
of a radical art form by the 
mainstream. From minimalism, 
improvisation, street dancing, 
body awareness, and “poor 
theater” experimental strategies, 
these young rebels identified and 
adopted personal styles of move¬ 
ment and dancemaking; from 
that, they turned gradually to 
tamer, more accessible work, 
marked by virtuosic dancing, 
proscenium-ready repertoires, 
and touring companies. 

Included in this story are the 
principal players in the 
“postmodernist” dance move¬ 
ment—Merce Cunningham, 
Twyla Tharp, Trisha Brown, 
David Gordon—now 
well known internationally as 
leaders of dance in the 1990s. 
Siegel also looks at anists who 
worked steadily but less visibly, 
influential ones who drifted out 
of dance, and unknowns who 
have gained prominence. The 
dances described here are formal 
and outlandish, scruffy and 
beautiful, endearingly fallible 
and icily perfect. 

In rightfully celebrating the 
importance of dances long 
forgotten. The Tail of the Dragon 
produces a vibrant portrait of a 
generation of dance. 

Marcia B. Siegel teaches in the 
Department of Performance 
Studies at the Tisch School of 
the Arts, New York University. 
She is the author of Days on 
Earth: The Dance of Doris 
Humphrey, The Shapes of 
Change: Images of American 
Dance, and two other books of 
dance reviews. Watching the 
Dance Go By and At the Vanish¬ 
ing Point: A Critic Looks at 
Dance. She has been a regular 
contributor to the Christian 
Science Monitor, Hudson Review, 
and The New York Press. From 
1974 to 1982 she was dance critic 
for the Soho Weekly News. 

Nathaniel Tileston’s dance 
photographs from the period 
covered by The Tail of the 
Dragon have been featured in 
exhibitions in the United States 
and London. Tileston lives in 
Nova Scotia, where he makes 
photographs and is active on the 
board of regional theater. 

256 pages, 30 b&w photographs 

ISBN 0-8223-1166-6 

paper, $i4.95tr 

ISBN 0-8223-1156-9 

library cloth edition, $39.95 



The World and 
the Bo Tree 

Helen Bevington 

“Each time I leave home I seem 
to go in search of something— 
call it a bo tree, or Shangri-La, 
or paradise—which is only 
another name for peace itself 
and these days decidedly a fool’s 

So writes Helen Bevington in 
The World and the Bo Tree, a 
book that describes her travels 
lightly taken amid the turbu¬ 
lence of the 1980s. The “world” 
of the title is the one everybody 
knows, a fairly troubled, even 
threatening place to inhabit 
these days. The bo tree, which 
has flourished for centuries in 
India and Asia, is itself a 
meaningful symbol of 
peace, since under it the ' ^ 
Buddha sat when he 
gained enlight¬ 

and sought thereafter to share it 
with the world. 

The book fashions a delightful 
fabric, a weave of exotic journeys 
and chaotic recent history. 

While we travel with Bevington 
to and from various destinations 
in Europe, Asia, South America, 
Africa, China, and elsewhere, we 
are conscious of the look of the 
world at home in striking con¬ 
trast to the serenity occasionally 
glimpsed in distant places. At 
home she reminds us of such 
global disturbances as the demise 
of the Equal Rights Amend¬ 
ment, the Chernobyl nuclear 
disaster, the explosion of the 
space shuttle Challenger, and the 
possible destruction of the 

Abroad, on some quest of their 
own, we may encounter such 
fascinating passersby as Mark 
Twain in Bangkok, Lord Byron 
in Italy, Goethe in Sicily, Marco 
Polo in China, Isak Dinesen in 
Africa, and Gladstone in the 
Blue Grotto of Capri. 

Against the backdrop of the 
world, Bevington discovers 
moments of peace in unexpected 
and unlikely places—visible, she 
says, in Tibet or on the road to 
Mandalay, in the look of the 
midnight sun, or in the silence 
of Africa. Fleeting and elusive 
though these moments are, they 
are real and in themselves 
strangely enlightening. 

Helen Bevington is the author 
of many books of 

biography, poetry, and travel. 
Charley Smith ’$ Girl, a 
runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize 
in 1965, is a memoir of her fa¬ 
ther. Along Came the Witch and 
The Journey is Everything (Duke, 
1983) are highly acclaimed reflec¬ 
tions on the 1960s and 1970s. 

She writes regularly for the New 
York Times Book Review, has 
published light verse in the New 
Yorker, and has contributed to 
the Atlantic Monthly and Ameri¬ 
can Scholar, among other peri¬ 
odicals. For many years she 
taught at Duke University and is 
now Professor Emeritus of 
English at Duke. 

232 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1165-8 

paper, $i5.95tr 

ISBN 0-8223-1153-4 

library cloth edition, $39.95 





w\th the Shore 

A Series Edited by 
Orrin H. Pilkey, Jr., and 
William J. Neal, 
Sponsored by the National 
Audubon Society 

About the series 

“America’s foremost philosopher 
of the beaches, the sea bottoms 
and the coastal sands [Orrin 
Pilkey] ... is challenging some 
long-held notions about the 
ways in which people use and 
maintain beaches. A decade ago, 
when he began warning of the 
dangers of‘beach degradation,’ 
he found little public support. 
Today, as concern for our shore 
environment grows, people are 
listening.”—Barnard L. Collier, 
The New York Times Magazine 

“Duke University Press has 
published a series. Living with 
the Shore, to educate the deter¬ 
mined shore dweller. Maps show 
what is happening on each 
stretch of beach, in enough 
detail to cover specific home- 
sites. The books offer guidelines 
for buying and building at the 
shore. They list federal, state, 
and local agencies that are in¬ 
volved in coastal development, 
as well as give up-to-date infor¬ 
mation on laws that regulate 
land use.”—Kelly Walker, 


A Moveable Shore: 
The Fate of the 
Connecticut Coast 

Peter C. Patton and 
James M. Kent 

The Connecticut shoreline is 
made up of varying land¬ 
scapes—the sandy coastline at 
Madison, the rocky shore at 
Branford, the replenished beach 
at Greenwich, and the erosion at 
Old Saybrook. A Moveable 
Shore, the latest volume in the 
Living with the Shore series, is a 
general users’ guide to the Con¬ 
necticut shore. In a town- 
by-town journey down the 
254-mile Connecticut coastline, 
Peter C. Patton and James M. 
Kent explore in detail the history 
of specific sites, the climatic and 
geological forces that shape the 
shore, and regulations regarding 
land-use development. In addi¬ 
tion, they provide a guide to 
coastal field trips. 

Beginning with the hurricane of 
1938, the biggest natural disaster 
to strike Connecticut since its 
settlement by Europeans, the 
authors demonstrate the con¬ 
tinuing pattern of development 
of coastal land prone to flooding 
and high winds. Although the 
Connecticut coast faces Long 
Island and Block Island sounds, 
it is subject to the same natural 
hazards, land-use risks, and 
regulations as open ocean shore¬ 
lines. Global climatic events— 
glaciation, global warming, and 
rising sea levels—influence the 
shape and composition of the 
Connecticut shoreline, as do 
small-scale forces such as wind, 
waves, and tides. 

Patton and Kent seek to instill a 
respect for the force of natural 
events and provide a guide for 
lessening the dangers of con¬ 
struction and development. A 
practical question-and-answer 

chapter explains what 
homeowners need to know to 
meet land-use regulations along 
the coast. In a state where the 
entire population lives within 
too miles of the coast, this im¬ 
portant new book will serve as a 
citizens’ guide to living with the 
Connecticut shore and will be of 
interest to coastal residents, 
developers, geologists, 
policymakers, and vacationers. 

Peter C. Patton is Professor of 
Earth and Environmental Sci¬ 
ences at Wesleyan University. 
James M. Kent is Editor of 
Oilfield Review. 

240 pages, 35 b&w photographs, 
35 color photographs, 30 maps 
9x8 trim size 
ISBN 0-8223-1147-X 
paper, $19.95^ 

ISBN 0-8223-1128-3 
library cloth edition, $49.95 
February 1992 

Also available in the series 

The Beaches Are Moving: 
The Drowning of 
America’s Shoreline 

Wallace Kaufman and 
Orrin H. Pilkey, Jr. 

1983. 346 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0574-7 
paper, $i2.95tr 

Living with the Alabama- 
Mississippi Shore 

Wayne F. Canis, William J. 
Neal, Orrin H. Pilkey, Sr., 
and Orrin H. Pilkey, Jr. 
1985. 232 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0511-9 
paper, $i4.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0510-0 
library cloth edition, $29.95 

Living with the 
California Coast 

Gary Griggs and Lauret Savoy, 

1985. 415 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0633-6 
paper, $i6.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0632-8 
library cloth edition, $35.00 

Living with Chesapeake Bay 
and Virginia’s Ocean Shores 

Larry G. Ward, Peter S. Rosen, 

William J. Neal, Orrin H. 

Pilkey, Jr., Orrin H. Pilkey, Sr., 

Gary L. Anderson, and Stephen 

J. Howie 

1989. 250 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-0889-4 

paper, $i2.95tr 

ISBN 0-8223-0868-1 

library cloth edition, $35.00 

From Currituck to Calabash: 
Living with North Carolina’s 
Barrier Islands 

Second Edition 

Orrin H. Pilkey, Jr., William J. 
Neal, Orrin H. Pilkey, Sr., 
and Stanley R. Riggs 
1982. 258 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0548-8 
paper, $i3.95tr 


Living with the 
East Florida Shore 

Orrin H. Pilkey, Jr., Dinesh C. 

Sharma, Harold R. Wanless, 

Larry J. Doyle, Orrin H. Pilkey, 

Sr., William J. Neal, and 

Barbara L. Gruver 

1984. 275 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-0515-1 

paper, $i4.95tr 

ISBN 0-8223-0514-3 

library cloth edition, $29.95 

Living with the 
West Florida Shore 

Larry J. Doyle, Dinesh C. 
Sharma, Albert C. Hine, Orrin 
H. Pilkey, Jr., William J. Neal, 
Orrin H. Pilkey, Sr., David 
Martin, and Daniel F. Belknap 
1984. 240 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0517-8 
paper, $i4.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0516-X 
library cloth edition, $29.95 

Living with the Lake 
Erie Shore 

Charles H. Carter, William J. 
Neal, William S. Haras, and 
Orrin H. Pilkey, Jr. 

1987. 276 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0741-3 
paper, $i4.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0678-6 
library cloth edition, $39.95 

Living with Long Island’s 
South Shore 

Larry R. McCormick, Orrin H. 
Pilkey, Jr., William J. Neal, and 
Orrin H. Pilkey, Sr. 

1984.167 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0502-x 
paper, $i4.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0501-1 
library cloth edition, $29.95 

Living with the 
Louisiana Shore 

Joseph T. Kelley, Alice R. 
Kelley, Orrin H. Pilkey, Sr., 
and Albert A. Clark 
1984.177 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0519-4 
paper, $ii.95tr 

Living with the 
South Carolina Shore 

William J. Neal, W. Carlyle 
Blakeney, Jr., Orrin H. Pilkey, 
Jr., and Orrin H. Pilkey, Sr. 
1984. 218 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0524-0 
paper, $i4.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0522-4 
library cloth edition, $29.95 

Living with the Texas Shore 

Robert A. Morton, Orrin H. 
Pilkey, Jr., Orrin H. Pilkey, Sr., 
and William J. Neal 
1983. 202 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0500-3 
paper, $i4.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0499-6 
library cloth edition, $29.95 

Living with the Coast 
of Maine 

Joseph T. Kelley, Alice R. Kelley, 
and Orrin H. Pilkey, Sr. 

1989. 185 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0885-1 
paper, $i2.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0864-9 
library cloth edition, $35.00 

Living with the 
New Jersey Shore 

Karl F. Nordstrom, Paul A. 
Cares, Norbert P. Psuty, Orrin 
H. Pilkey, Jr., William J. Neal, 
and Orrin H. Pilkey, Sr. 

1986. 208 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0698-0 
paper, $i4.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0543-7 
library cloth edition, $32.50 

Living with the Shore 
of Puget Sound and the 
Georgia Strait 

Thomas A. Terich 
1987.182 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0745-6 
paper, $i4.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0689-1 






A Series Edited 
by Stanley Fish 
and Fredric Jameson 

The Politics of 
Liberal Education 

Darryl J. Gless and 
Barbara Herrnstein Smith, 

Controversy over what role “the 
great books” should play in 
college curricula and questions 
about who defines “the literary 
canon” are at the forefront of 
debates in higher education. The 
Politics of Liberal Education 
enters this discussion with a 
sophisticated defense of educa¬ 
tional reform in response to 
attacks by academic traditional¬ 
ists. The authors here—them¬ 
selves distinguished scholars and 
educators—share the belief that 
American schools, colleges, and 
universities can do a far better 
job of educating the nation’s 
increasingly diverse population 
and that the liberal arts must 
play a central role in providing 
students with the resources they 
need to meet the challenges of a 
rapidly changing world. 

Within this area of consensus, 
however, the contributors dis¬ 
play a wide range of approaches, 
illuminating the issues from the 
perspectives of their particular 
disciplines—classics, education, 
English, history, and philoso¬ 
phy, among others—and their 
individual experiences as teach¬ 
ers. Among the topics they 
discuss are canon-formation in 
the ancient world, the idea of a 
“common culture,” and the 
educational implications of such 
social movements as feminism. 

technological changes including 
computers and television, and 
intellectual developments such 
as “theory.” Readers interested 
in the current controversies over 
American education will find 
this volume an informed alter¬ 
native to sensationalized treat¬ 
ments of these issues. 

Contributors. Stanley Fish, 
Phyllis Franklin, Flenry Louis 
Gates, Jr., FienryA. Giroux, 
Darryl]. Gless, Gerald Graff, 
Barbara Fierrnstein Smith, 
George A. Kennedy, Bruce 
Kuklick, Richard A. Lanham, 
Elizabeth Kamarck Minnich, 
Alexander Nehamas, Mary 
Louise Pratt, Richard Rorty, 

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick 

Darryl J. Gless, Associate Pro¬ 
fessor of English and Associate 
Dean of General Education at 
the University of North Garo- 
lina at Ghapel Fiill, is the au¬ 
thor of numerous books and 
articles on William Shakespeare 
and Edmund Spenser. Barbara 
Herrnstein Smith is Braxton 
Graven Professor of Compara¬ 
tive Literature and English at 
Duke University. She is the 
author of numerous books, 
including Contingencies of 
Value, and in 1988 served as 
President of the Modern Lan¬ 
guage Association. 

Originally published in slightly 
different form as Vol. 89, No. i 
of The South Atlantic Quarterly 
entitled “The Politics of Liberal 
Education,” which won the 
1990 Best Special Issue Award 
from the Council of Editors of 
Learned Journals (celj). 

288 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1199-2 

paper, $14.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1183-6 

library cloth edition, $34.95 


of Resistance: 
Language, Poetry, 
and Narrating in 
The To/e of Genji and 
Other Mid-Heian 

H. Richard Okada 

In this revisionist study of texts 
from the mid-Heian period in 
Japan, H. Richard Okada offers 
new readings of three well- 
known tales: The Tale of the 
Bamboo-cutter, The Taleofise, 
and The Tale of Genji. Okada 
contends that the cultural and 
gendered significance of these 
works has been distorted by 
previous commentaries and 
translations belonging to the 
larger patriarchal and colonialist 
discourse of Western civiliza¬ 
tion. He goes on to suggest that 
this universalist discourse, which 
silences the feminine aspects of 
these texts and subsumes their 
writing in misapplied Western 
canonical literary terms, is sanc¬ 
tioned and maintained by the 
discipline of Japanese literature. 

Okada develops a highly original 
and sophisticated reading strat¬ 
egy that demonstrates how 
readers might understand texts 
belonging to a different time and 
place without being complicit in 
their assimilation to categories 
derived from Western literary 
traditions. The author’s reading 
strategy is based on the texts’ 
own resistance to modes of 
analysis that employ such West¬ 
ern canonical terms as novel, 
lyric, and third- person narra¬ 
tive. Emphasis is also given to 
the distinctive cultural circles, as 
well as socio-political and genea¬ 
logical circumstances that sur¬ 
rounded the emergence of the 


Indispensable reading for spe¬ 
cialists in literature, cultural 
studies, and Japanese literature 
and history. Figures of Resistance 
will also appeal to general read¬ 
ers interested in the problems 
and complexities of studying 
another culture. 

H. Richard Okada is Associate 
Professor in the Department of 
East Asian Studies at Princeton 

392 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1192-5 

paper, $21.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1185-2 

library cloth edition, $49.95 

January 1992 

The Story of Stone: 
Ancient Chinese 
Stone Lore, and the 
Stone Symbolism 
in Dream of the Red 
Chamber, Water 
Margin, and The 
Journey to the West 

Jing Wang 

In this pathbreaking study of 
three of the most familiar texts 
in the Chinese tradition—all 
concerning stones endowed with 
magical properties—^JingWang 
develops a monumental recon¬ 
struction of ancient Chinese 
stone lore. Wang’s thorough and 
I systematic comparison of these 

classic works illuminates the 
various tellings of the stone story 
and provides new insight into 
major topics in traditional Chi¬ 
nese literatute. 

Bringing together Chinese 
myth, religion, folklore, art, and 
literature, this book is the first in 

any language to amass the 
sources of stone myth and stone 
lore in Chinese culture. Uniting 
classical Chinese studies with 
contemporary Western theoreti¬ 
cal concerns, Wang examines 
these stone narratives by analyz¬ 
ing intertextuality within Chi¬ 
nese traditions. She offers reve¬ 
latory interpretations to long¬ 
standing critical issues, such as 
the patadoxical character of the 
monkey in The Journey to the 
West, the circularity of narrative 
logic in Dream of the Red Cham¬ 
ber, and the structural necessity 
of the stone tablet in Water 

By both challenging and incor¬ 
porating traditional sinological 
scholarship, Wang’s The Story of 
Stone reveals the ideological 
ramifications of these three 
literary works on Chinese cul¬ 
tural history and makes the past 
relevant to contemporary intel¬ 
lectual discourse. Specialists in 
Chinese literature and culture. 

comparative literature, literary 
theory, and religious studies will 
find much of interest in this 
outstanding work, which is sure 
to become a standatd reference 
on the subject. 

Jing Wang is Assistant Professor 
of Chinese Language and Litera¬ 
ture at Duke University. 

392 pages 

ISBN o- 8223 -n 95 -x 

paper, $18.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1178-X 

library cloth edition, $37.50 

January 1992 


Kit'Keung Kan 

The Dialectics of Our 
America: Genealogy, 
Cultural Critique, 
and Literary History 

Jose David Saldivar 

Joining the current debates in 
American literary history, Jose 
David Saldivar offers a challeng¬ 
ing new perspective on what 
constitutes not only the canon in 
American literature, but also the 
notion of America itself His aim 
is the articulation of a fresh, 
transgeographical conception of 
American culture, one more 
responsive to the geographical 
ties and political crosscurrents of 
the hemisphere than to narrow 
national ideologies. 

Saldivar pursues this goal 
through an array of oppositional 
critical and creative practices. 

He analyzes a range of North 
American writers of color 
(Rolando Hinojosa, Gloria 
Anzaldiia, Arturo Islas, Ntozake 
Shange, and others) and Latin 
American authors (Jose Marti, 
Roberto Fernandez Retamar, 
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and 
others), whose work forms a 
radical critique of the dominant 
culture, its politics, and its re¬ 
strictive modes of expression. By 
doing so, Saldivar opens the 
traditional American canon to a 
dialog with other voices, not just 
the voices of national minorities, 
but those of regional cultures 
different from the prevalent 
anglocentric model. 

The Dialectics of Our America, in 
its project to expand the “canon” 
and define a pan-American 
literary tradition, will make a 
critical difference in ongoing 
attempts to reconceptualize 
American literary history. 

Jose David Saldivar is Associate 
Professor of Literature and 
Cultural Studies at the Univer¬ 
sity of California at Santa Cruz. 
He is the coeditor of Criticism in 
the Borderlands: Studies in 
Chicano Literature, Culture, and 
Ideology, also published by Duke 
University Press. 

216 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1169-0 
paper, $12.95 
ISBN 0-8223-1161-5 
library cloth edition, $32.50 

Also available in 



Fables of Power: Aesopian 
Writing and Political History 

Annabel Patterson 

1991.184 pages, 8 b&w 


ISBN 0-8223-1118-6 

paper, $12.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1106-2 

library cloth edition, $29.95 

Criticism in the Borderlands: 
Studies in Chicano Literature, 
Culture, and Ideology 

Hector Calderon and 
Jose David Saldivar, editors 
1991. 328 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1143-7 
paper, $18.95 
ISBN 0-8223-1137-2 
library cloth edition, $47.50 

Dangerous Supplements: 
Resistance and Renewal 
in Jurisprudence 

Peter Fitzpatrick, editor 
1991. 256 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1121-6 
paper, $17.95 
ISBN 0-8223-1140-2 
library cloth edition, $37.50 
Rights-. Western hemisphere 
(excluding Canada), Japan, 

& Philippines 

Postmodernism, or. 

The Cultural Logic of 
Late Capitalism 

Fredric Jameson 
1990. 461 pages, 

24 illustrations, 8 in color 
ISBN 0-8223-0929-7 
cloth, $34.95 

Rights-. World, excluding Europe 
and British Commonwealth 
(except Canada) 

Doing What Comes 
Naturally: Change, Rhetoric, 
and the Practice of Theory in 
Literary and Legal Studies 

Stanley Fish 
1990 (1989). 624 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0995-5 
paper, $19.95 
ISBN 0-8223-0859-2 
cloth, $37.50 

Rights-. World, excluding Europe 
and British Commonwealth 
(except Canada) 

T ranscendentalist 
Hermeneutics: Institutional 
Authority and the Higher 
Criticism of the Bible 

Richard A. Grusin 
1990. 216 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1059-7 
cloth, $32.50 

Heterology and the 
Postmodern: Bataille, 
Baudrillard, and Lyotard 

Julian Pefanis 
1990. 200 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1093-7 
paper, $14.95 
ISBN 0-8223-1075-9 
library cloth edition, $30.00 
Rights-. World, excluding 
Australia, New Zealand, and 
Southeast Asia 

Community without Unity: 
A Politics of Derridian 

William Corlett 
1989. 277 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0732-4 
cloth, $37.50 

/pyo Foundations of Political 
Theory Section of the American 
Political Science Association 
"First Book Award" 

Postmodernism and Japan 

Masao Miyoshi and 

H. D. Harootunian, editors 

1989. 322 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-0896-7 

paper, $13.95 

ISBN 0-8223-0779-0 

library cloth edition, $30.00 



Donald Barthelme: 
An Exhibition 

Jerome KJinkowitz 

Satire or Evasion? 
Black Perspectives 
on Huckleberry Finn 

Donald Barthelme (1931-1989) is 
regarded as one of the most 
imitated and influential Ameri¬ 
can fiction writers since the early 
1960s. In Donald Barthelme: An 
Exhibition, ]emme. Klinkowitz 
presents both an appreciation 
and a comprehensive examina¬ 
tion of the life work of this 
pathbreaking contemporary 
writer. A blend of close reading, 
biography, and theory, this 
retrospective— informed by 
Klinkowitz’s expert command of 
postmodern American fiction— 
contributes significantly to a 
new understanding of 
Barthelme’s work. 

Klinkowitz argues that the 
central piece in the Barthelme 
canon, and the key to his artistic 
method, is his widely acknowl¬ 
edged masterpiece. The Dead 
Father. In turning to this pivotal 
work, as well as to Barthelme’s 
short stories and other novels, 
Klinkowitz explores the way in 
which Barthelme reinvented the 
tools of narration, characteriza¬ 
tion, and thematics at a time 
when fictive techniques were 
largely believed to be exhausted. 

Klinkowitz, who was one of the 
first scholars to study 
Barthelme’s work and became its 
definitive bibliographer, situates 
Barthelme’s life and work within 
a broad spectrum of influences 
and affinities. A consideration of 
developments in painting and 
sculpture, for example, as well as 
those of contemporaneous 
fiction, contribute to 
Klinkowitz’s analysis. This 
astute reading will provide great 
insight for readers, writers, and 
critics of contemporary Ameri¬ 

can fiction seeking explanations 
and justifications for Barthel¬ 
me’s critical importance in the 
literature of our times. 

Jerome Klinkowitz, Professor of 
English and a University Distin¬ 
guished Scholar at the Univer¬ 
sity of Northern Iowa, is the 
author of more than twenty 
books, including Donald 
Barthelme: A Comprehensive 

152 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1152-6 
cloth, $29.95 

James S. Leonard, Thomas A. 
Tenney, and Thadious M. 
Davis, editors 

Though one of America’s best 
known and loved novels, Mark 
Twain’s Adventures of Huckle¬ 
berry Finn has often been the 
object of fierce controversy 
because of its racist language and 
reliance on racial stereotypes. 
This collection of fifteen essays 
by prominent African American 
scholars and critics examines the 
novel’s racist elements and 
assesses the degree to which 
Twain’s ironies succeed or fail to 
turn those elements into a satiri¬ 
cal attack on racism. 

Ranging from the laudatory to 
the openly hostile, these essays 
include personal impressions of 
Huckleberry Finn, descriptions of 
classroom experience with the 
book, evaluations of its ironic 
and allegorical aspects, explora¬ 
tions of its nineteenth-century 
context, and appraisal of its 
effects on twentieth-century 
African American writers. 

Among the issues the authors 
contend with are Twain’s perva¬ 
sive use of the word “nigger,” his 
portrayal of the slave Jim accord¬ 
ing to the conventions of the 
minstrel show “darky,” and the 
thematic chaos created by the 
“evasion” depicted in the novel’s 
final chapters. 

Sure to provoke thought and stir 
debate. Satire or Evasion? pro¬ 
vides a variety of new perspec¬ 
tives on one of this country’s 
most troubling classics. 

Contributors. Richard K. 
Barksdale, Bernard W. Bell, 

Mary Kemp Davis, Peaches M. 

Henry, Betty Hartis Jones, 

Rhett S. Jones, Julius Lester, 
Donnarae MacCann, Charles H. 
Nichols, Charles H. Nilon, 
Arnold Rampersad, David L. 
Smith, Carmen Subryan, John 
H. Wallace, Kenny Jackson 
Williams, Fredrick Woodard 

James S. Leonard, Associate 
Professor of English at The 
Citadel, is the coauthor of The 
Fluent Mundo and editor of the 
Mark Twain Circular. Thomas 
A. Tenney, Lecturer in the 
department of English at The 
Citadel, is the author of Mark 
Twain: A Reference Guide and 
editor of the Mark Twain Jour¬ 
nal Thadious M. Davis, Profes¬ 
sor of English at Brown Univer¬ 
sity, is the author of Faulkner’s 
“Negro. ” 

288 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1174-7 

paper, $17.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1163-1 

library cloth edition, $45.00 

January 1992 

On Frost: 

The Best from 
American Literature 

Edwin H. Cady 

and Louis J. Budd, editors 

“The articles in each volume are 
presented in the ordet of their 
first appearance in American 
Literature, and each opens a fresh 
line of inquiry, establishes a fresh 
perspective on a familiar topic, 
or settles a question that engaged 
the interest of experts. The 
selections are the most enduring 
work still useful for the study 
and teaching of important liter¬ 
ary figures, or of an intellectual 
movement, motif, or genre. 

They represent the full range of 
thought from the scholatship 
that created the discipline and 
upon which much of the current 
work rests.”—Dorys Ctow 
Grover, Western American 


Robert Frost and the Sound of 
Sense (1937), Robert S. Newdick 

The Humanistic Idealism of 
Robert Frost (1941), Hyatt Howe 

Robert Frost’s Asides on His 
Poetry (1948), Reginald L. Cook 

Frost on Frost: The Making of 
Poems (1956), Reginald L. Cook 

The Unity of Frost’s Masques 
(i960), W. R. Irwin 

Religion in Robert Frost’s Po¬ 
etry: The Play for Self-Possession 
(1964), Anna K. Juhnke 

Frost’s Poetry of Fear (1972), 
Eben Bass 

Robert Frost’s Dramatic Prin¬ 
ciple of “Oversound” (1973), 
Tom Vander Ven 

Robert Frost and Wallace 
Stevens: “What to Make of a 
Diminished Thing” (1975), 

Todd M. Lieber 

Robert Frost: “The fact is the 
sweetest dream that labor 
knows” (1981), Priscilla M. 


Frost’s Synecdochism (1986), 
George F. Bagby, Jr. 

Comparing Conceptions: Frost 
and Eddington, Heisenberg, and 
Bohr (1987), Guy Rotella 

“The Place Is the Asylum”: 
Women and Nature in Robert 
Frost’s Poetry (1987), Katherine 

Frost and Modernism (1988), 
Robert Kern 

“The Lurking Frost”: Poetic and 
Rhetoric in “Two Tramps in 
Mud Time” (1988), Walter Jost 

The Resentments of Robert 
Frost (1990), Frank Lentricchia 

Edwin H. Cady is Andrew W. 
Mellon Professor in the Hu¬ 
manities, Emeritus, at Duke 
University. Louis J. Budd is 
James B. Duke Professor of 
English at Duke University. 
Both scholars have served as 
editor of American Literature. 

i-jz pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1159-3 
cloth, $35.00 

Previously published 
in the Best from 
American Literature 

On Henry James 

1990. 328 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1064-3 
cloth, $35.00 

On Hawthorne 

1990. 296 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1032-5 
cloth, $35.00 

On Dickinson 

1990. 256 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1014-7 
cloth, $35.00 

On Faulkner 

1989. 298 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0960-2 
cloth, $35.00 

On Melville 

1988. 300 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0867-3 
cloth, $35.00 

On Emerson 

1988. 296 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0861-4 
cloth, $35.00 

On Whitman 

1987. 308 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0752-9 
cloth, $35.00 

On Mark Twain 

1987. 313 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0759-6 
doth, $35.00 



False Promises: 

The Shaping of 
American Working 
Class Consciousness 

With a New Introduction and 
Epilogue by the Author 

Stanley Aronowitz 

This classic study of the Ameri¬ 
can working class, originally 
published in 1973, is now back in 
print with a new introduction 
and epilogue by the author. An 
innovative blend of first-person 
experience and original scholar¬ 
ship, Aronowitz traces the his¬ 
torical development of the 
American working class from 
post-Civil War times and shows 
why radical movements have 
failed to overcome the forces 
that tend to divide groups of 
workers from one another. The 
rise of labor unions is analyzed, 
as well as their decline as a force 
for social change. Aronowitz’s 
new introduction situates the 
book in the context of develop¬ 
ments in current scholarship and 
the epilogue discusses the effects 
of recent economic and political 
changes in the American labor 

In praise of the original edition: 

“A fascinating work of social 
history, thoughtful, informed 
and most suggestive. Aronowitz 
has succeeded brilliantly in 
evoking the character of modern 
industrial society.”—Noam 

“Stanley Aronowitz succeeds 
marvelously in breaking the 
ritualized categories of sociolo¬ 
gists in this field and in revealing 
the ideological content and 
function of these categories.” 


“False Promises is a rich, sugges¬ 
tive, and honest book. . . . [This 
book] stimulates the labor 
historian’s imagination.” 

— Robert H. Journal 

of American History 

“Stanley Aronowitz has written 
what is perhaps one of the most 
challenging works of contempo¬ 
rary social criticism.”—Ronald 
Radosh, The Nation 

“An important new approach to 
the American working class.” 

—Ed Townsend, Christian 
Science Monitor 

Stanley Aronowitz is Professor of 
Sociology at the Graduate Cen¬ 
ter, City University of New 

York. Since False Promises, 
Aronowitz has written numerous 
books, including The Crisis in 
Historical Materialism, Working 
Class Hero, Education Under 
Siege, and Postmodern Education. 
He has also been a factory worker 
and labor union organizer. 

500 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1198-4 

paper, $14.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1181-X 

library cloth edition, $34.95 


Rock & Roll 
and Culture 

Anthony DeCurtis, editor 

Does Bruce Springsteen matter? 
What is the place of rock & roll 
in the classroom? Is “crossover” 
synonymous with racial integra¬ 
tion? Is Madonna a feminist? In 
this volume of essays Anthony 
DeCurtis, Rolling Stone's music 
editor, brings together writers 
from a variety of fields and 
professions to investigate the 
premises, the products, and the 
power of rock & roll. 

Reflections on postmodernity 
run throughout the collection: 
particularly in Mark Bery’s 
interview with Laurie Anderson; 
in an essay on the technology of 
“tracking”; and in a piece on 
rock & roll viewed through the 
lens of contemporary critical 
theory. In “Consuming Elvis,” 
Greil Marcus (author of Lipstick 
Traces) offers a montage of 
quotations and photographs 
concerning the role of fans as 
consumers, and stars as the 
edible goods. Current phenom¬ 
ena including rap music and 
MTV are explored, as well as the 
part played by censorship in the 
birth of rock & roll. This ener¬ 
getic collection will enlighten 
and entertain all those with an 
interest in rock & roll, as well as 
specialists in American studies, 
popular culture, and contempo¬ 
rary music historians. 

Contributors. Mark Bery, Jeff 
Calder, Paul Evans, Glen Gass, 
Trent Hill, Alan Light, Greil 
Marcus, Robert Palmer, Dan 
Rubey, David Shumway, 

Martha Nell Smith, Paul Smith 

A special issue of The South 

Atlantic Quarterly 

Vol. 90, No. 4 (Pall 1991) 

250 pages 
paper, $10.00 



Andrea del Castagno 
and H is Patrons 

John R. Spencer 

Most studies of Renaissance pa¬ 
tronage in the arts deal with a 
particular patron and the artists 
who worked for him. John R. 
Spencer reverses this approach by 
focusing on one fifteenth- century 
Florentine artist, Andrea del 
Castagno, and his patrons. Com¬ 
bining social and art history, 
Spencer casts new light on both 
the career of Castagno and on the 
nature of art patronage in the early 

Through careful and detailed 
archival research, Spencer creates a 
fascinating portrait of Castagno’s 
patronage as a web, at the center 
of which was Cosimo de’ Medici, 
who constituted the focal point of 
a network of business partner¬ 
ships, real estate transactions, 
loans, and special privileges in 
which the artist’s patrons were 
enmeshed. The author constructs 
partial biographies of unknown 
and lesser-known patrons to show 
the relation of these patrons to 
each other and to the artist, dem¬ 
onstrating the degree to which 
artistic production in Renaissance 
Italy was tied to politics and eco¬ 

Spencer discusses each of 
Castagno’s extant and some of his 
lost paintings, dating the works 
with greater accuracy than ever 
before. His understanding of the 
patrons and of the motivations 
behind the commissions makes it 
possible for Spencer to bring new 
interpretations to many of these 
works. This book offers a deeper 
understanding of a particular 
artist’s life and work while also 
exploring the larger question of 
the unique relationship between 
private patrons and independent 
artists in the Italian Renaissance. 

John R. Spencer is a Professor in 
the Department of Art and Art 
History at Duke University. He 
is translator of Leon B. Alberti’s 
On Painting Sind Antonio A. 
Filarete’s Treatise on Architec¬ 

224 pages, 35 b&w illustrations 
ISBN 0-8223-1150-X 
cloth, $34.95 

Engraven Desire: 
Eros, Image, and 
Text in the French 
Eighteenth Century 

Philip Stewart 

How do literary illustrations 
affect the way we read—or, 
more subtly, what we read? 
Through a critical investigation 
of the the role engraving played 
in eighteenth-century French 
literature, Philip Stewart 
grapples with this question. In 
both its approach and its conclu¬ 
sions, his project marks a pro¬ 
vocative departure from the 
tradition of viewing illustrations 
as merely pictures, rather than as 
texts to be interpreted them¬ 

Focusing on the objectification 
of women by the “male gaze,” 
Stewart analyzes the various 
ways in which this masculine 
power is simultaneously repre¬ 
sented and veiled: the fascina¬ 
tion with women playing “male” 
roles, such as soldiers; the pre¬ 
ponderance of voyeuristic im¬ 
ages of the naked female body; 
the transformation of male 
power into hostile forces of 
nature that render women help¬ 
less. Further, Stewart shows how 
“indecent” engravings that 
purported to test the limits of 
eighteenth- century morality 
often merely reinforced prevail¬ 
ing images of women. 

Addressing critical concerns 
about the societal enforcement 
of gender roles in literature 
along with essential questions 
about the function of illustra¬ 
tion, Engraven provides 
surprising insight into the cul¬ 
turally conditioned act of read¬ 
ing. Stewart’s work, itself richly 
illustrated with hundreds of 
arresting reproductions, makes a 
significant contribution to our 
understanding of the interplay 
of art, literature, and sociery. 

Philip Stewart is Professor of 
French at Duke University. 

384 pages, 249 b&w illustrations 
ISBN 0-8223-1177-1 
cloth, $49.95 
February 1992 



Literary Authority 
and the Modern 
Chinese Writer: 
Ambivalence and 

Wendy Larson 

Throughout the twentieth 
century, Chinese writers have 
confronted the problem of 
creating a new literary tradition 
that both maintains the cultur¬ 
ally unique aspects of a rich 
heritage and succeeds in pro¬ 
moting a new modernity. In the 
first book-length treatment of 
the topic, Wendy Larson exam¬ 
ines the contradictory forms of 
authority at work in the autobio¬ 
graphical texts of modern Chi¬ 
nese writers and scholars and the 
way these conflicts helped to 
shape and determine the manner 
in which writers viewed them¬ 
selves, their texts, and their 

Larson focuses on the most 
famous writers associated with 
the May Fourth Movement, a 
group most active in the 1920s 
and 1930S, and their fundamen¬ 
tal ambivalence about writing. 
She analyzes how their writing 
paradoxically characterized 
textual labor as passive, negative, 
and inferior to material labor 
and the more physical political 
work of social progress, and she 
describes the complex ways they 
used textual means to devalue 
literary labor. 

The impact of China’s increas¬ 
ing contact with the West— 
particularly the ways in which 
Western notions of “individual¬ 
ism” and “democracy” influ¬ 
enced Chinese ideologies of self 
and work—is considered. 

Larson also studies the changes 
in China’s social structure, 
notably those linked to the 
abolition in 1905 of the educa¬ 
tional exam system, which sub¬ 
sequently broke the link be¬ 
tween the mastery of certain 
texts and the attainment of 
political power, further denigrat¬ 
ing the cultural role of the 

Of exceptional interest to stu¬ 
dents of Chinese literature, 
Chinese history, Asian studies, 
and literary theory. Literary 
Authority and the Modern Chi¬ 
nese \Tr/rer provides a substantial 
contribution to current discus¬ 
sions of ideology and representa¬ 
tion in modern Chinese litera¬ 

Wendy Larson is Associate 
Professor in the Department of 
East Asian Languages and Lit¬ 
eratures at the University of 
Oregon. She is the translator of 
Wang Meng’s Bolshevik Salute: 

A Modernist Chinese Novel 

216 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1113-5 
cloth, $34.95 

Schools into Fields 
and Factories: 
Anarchists, the 
Guomindang, and 
the National Labor 
University in Shang¬ 
hai, 1927-1932 

Ming K. Chan and Arif Dirlik 

In this collaborative effort by 
two leading scholars of modern 
Chinese history, Ming K. Chan 
and Arif Dirlik investigate how 
the short-lived National Labor 
University in Shanghai was both 
a reflection of the revolutionary 
concerns of its time and a cata¬ 
lyst for future radical experi¬ 
ments in education. Under the 
slogan “Turn schools into fields 
and factories, fields and factories 
into schools,” the university 
attempted to bridge the gap 
between intellectual and manual 
labor that its founders saw as a 
central problem of capitalism, 
and which remains a persistent 
theme in Chinese revolutionary 

During its five years of existence. 
Labor University was the most 
impressive institutional embodi¬ 
ment in twentieth-century 
China of the labor-learning 
ideal, which was introduced by 
anarchists in the first decade of 
the century and came to be 
shared by a diverse group of 
revolutionaries in the 1920s. 

This detailed study places Labor 
University within the broad 
context of anarchist social ideals 
and educational experiments 
that inspired it directly, as well 
as comparable socialist experi¬ 
ments with labor education in 
Europe that Labor University’s 
founders used as models. The 
authors bring to bear the per¬ 

spectives of institutional and 
intellectual history on their ex¬ 
amination of the structure and 
operation of the University, 
presenting new material on its 
faculty, curriculum, physical 
plant, and history. 

Modern Chinese historians, 
educational historians, and those 
interested in the history of anar¬ 
chism will find Schools into Fields 
and Factories an essential docu¬ 

Arif Dirlik, Professor of History 
at Duke University, is the author 
of The Origins of Chinese Com¬ 
munism, Revolution and History, 
Marxism in the Chinese Experi¬ 
ence, and Anarchism in the Chi¬ 
nese Revolution. Ming K. Chan is 
Senior Lecturer in History at the 
University of Hong Kong and 
author of Historiography of the 
Chinese Labor Movement, 


336 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1154-2 
cloth, $47.50 


Muslims in Central 
Asia: Expressions of 
Identity and Change 

Jo-Ann Gross, editor 

Central Asia is distinctive in its 
role as a frontier region in which 
a unique diversity of cultural, 
religious, and political traditions 
exist. This collection of essays by 
expert scholars in a range of 
disciplines focuses on the forma¬ 
tion of ethnic, religious, and 
national identities in Muslim 
societies of Central Asia, thus 
furthering our general under¬ 
standing of the history and 
culture of this significant region. 

This study includes several 
geopolitical regions—Chinese 
Central Asia, Soviet Central 
Asia, Afghanistan, 
and Khurasan—and covers 
historical periods from the 
fifteenth century to the present. 
Drawing on scholarship in 
anthropology, religion, history, 
literature, and language studies, 
Muslims in Central Asia argues 
for an interdisciplinary, inter¬ 
regional dialog in the develop¬ 
ment of new approaches to 
understanding the Muslim 
societies in Central Asia. The 
authors creatively examine the 
social construction of identities 
as expressed through literature, 
Islamic discourse, historical 
texts, ethnic labels, and genealo¬ 
gies, and explore how such 
identities are formed, changed, 
and adopted through time. 

In its interdisciplinary method 
and its focus on the role of Islam 
in Central Asia, this volume 
offers new directions in Central 
Asian studies and will be of 
interest to students and scholars 

Contributors. Hamid Algar, 
Muriel Atkin, Walter Feldman, 
Dru C. Gladney, Edward J. 

Lazzerini, Beatrice Forbes Manz, 
Christopher Murphy, Oliver 
Roy, Isenbike Togan 

Jo-Ann Gross is Assistant Profes¬ 
sor of History at Trenton State 
College, Trenton, New Jersey. 

Central Asia Book Series, 

Edited by Edward Allworth 

224 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1190-9 

paper, $18.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1187-9 

library cloth edition, $39.95 

January 1992 

See also pages 8 and p. 

Figures of Resistance: 
Language, Poetry, and Narrat¬ 
ing in the The Tale ofGenji 
and Other Mid-Heian Texts 

H. Richard Okada 

The Story of Stone: 
Intertextuality, Ancient Chi¬ 
nese Stone Lore, and the Stone 
Symbolism in Dream of the 
Red Chamber, Water Marpn, 
and The Journey to the West 
Jing Wang 



The United States in 
Central America, 
1860-1911: Episodes 
of Social Imperialism 
and Imperial Rivalry 
in the World System 

Thomas D. Schoonover 

In a work of unprecedented 
scope, Thomas D. Schoonover 
combines exhaustive 
multicountry archival research 
with a sophisticated theoretical 
framework grounded in world 
systems theory to elucidate the 
relations between the United 
States and Central America in 
the late nineteenth and early 
twentieth centuries. 

Schoonover’s archival research 
in Central America, Europe, and 
the United States encompasses 
public, business, organizational, 
and individual records. In ana¬ 
lyzing this material, Schoonover 
applies a world systems approach 
with that of social imperialism 
and dependency theory to un¬ 
derscore the broad, multistate 
dimension of international 
affairs. In exploring the interna¬ 
tional history of Central 
America, Schoonover describes 
the role of personalities such as 
John C. Fremont, Otto von 
Bismarck, Theodore Roosevelt, 
Manuel Estrada Cabrera, and 
Jose Santos Zelaya; the impact 
of railroad building and canal 
projects; and the role of 
pan-Americanism, nationalism, 
racism, and anti-Americanism. 

This work, in its impressive 
breadth of coverage, will encour¬ 
age historians of Latin America, 
scholars in American foreign 
policy and world history, and 
political scientists concerned 
with international relations to 
reassess the need for 
transcultural approaches to 
historical research. 

Thomas D. Schoonover, Profes¬ 
sor of History at the University 
of Southwestern Louisiana, is 
the author of Dollars over Do¬ 
minion: The Triumph of Liberal¬ 
ism in Mexican-United States 
Relations, i86i-i86y. 

296 pages, 6 tables 
ISBN 0-8223-1160-7 
cloth, $32.50 

Millenarian Vision, 
Capitalist Reality: 
Brazil’s Contestado 
Rebellion, 1912-1916 

Todd A. Diacon 

Why did a millenarian move¬ 
ment erupt in the Brazilian 
interior in 1912? Setting out to 
answer this deceptively simple 
question, Todd A. Diacon 
delivers a fascinating account of 
a culture in crisis. 

Combining oral history with 
detailed archival research, 
Millenarian Vision, Capitalist 
Reality depicts a peasant com¬ 
munity whose security in eco¬ 
nomic, social, and religious 
relations was suddenly dis¬ 
rupted by the intrusion of 
international capital. Diacon 
shows how a “deadly triumvi¬ 
rate” comprised of foreign 
capital, state power, and local 
bosses engineered a land tenure 
revolution that threatened 
smallholders’ subsistence, spark¬ 
ing rebellion among the 
Contestado peasants. 

Unlike most analysts of 
millenarian movements, Diacon 
combines a material analysis 
with a careful exploration of the 
movement’s millenarian ideol¬ 
ogy to demonstrate how a 

particular combination of exter¬ 
nal and internal forces produced 
a crisis of values in the 
Contestado society. Such a 
crisis, Diacon concludes, gave a 
special power to the millenarian 
vision that promised not only 
outward reform, but inner 
salvation as well. 

This work offers a significant 
contribution to the literature of 
millenarian movements, popular 
religion, peasant rebellions, and 
the transition to capitalism in 
Brazil. As such, it will be of great 
interest to historians, anthro¬ 
pologists, sociologists, and 
students of Brazil and Latin 
America in general. 

Todd A. Diacon is Assistant 
Professor of History at the Uni¬ 
versity of Tennessee, Knoxville. 

264 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1167-4 

paper, $16.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1157-7 

library cloth edition, $42.50 


See also page 10. 

The Dialectics of Our 
America: Genealogy, Cultural 
Critique, and Literary History 

Jose David Saldivar 



Untying the Afghan 
Knot: Negotiating 
Soviet Withdrawal 

Riaz M. Khan 

tioners and scholars in peace and 
conflict resolution studies, inter¬ 
national relations, political 
science, and Islamic, Central 
Asian, and Soviet studies. 

Diplomatic eflForts to resolve the 
Afghanistan crisis began almost 
immediately after the Soviet 
Union’s military intervention in 
that country in December 1979. 
Untying the Afghan Knot offers 
the first detailed analytical ac¬ 
count of the diplomatic process 
set in motion by that interven¬ 
tion and culminating in the 
April 1988 Geneva Accords—a 
milestone in multilateralism and 
UN peacemaking. 

Riaz M. Khan, a senior Pakistani 
diplomat, participated actively 
in all meetings on Afghanistan 
in the United Nations, the 
Non-Aligned Movement, and 
the Organization of the Islamic 
Conference, and in all of the 
Geneva negotiating rounds 
(198Z- 88). Drawing upon his 
personal experience, official 
documents, scholarly literarure, 
and press accounts, he provides a 
unique insider’s view of these 
precedent-setting negotiations, 
which were often shrouded in 
secrecy and misperceptions. 

Khan examines the interests, 
positions, and behind-the- 
scenes maneuverings of the 
major players—^Afghan govern¬ 
ments and resistance groups, 
Pakistan, the Soviet Union, the 
United States, and UN media¬ 
tors—and assesses the impact of 
military and political develop¬ 
ments inside Afghanistan and 
elsewhere, including the advent 
of Mikhail Gorbachev. Khan’s 
authoritative account of these 
critical diplomatic initiatives 
sheds important new light on 
the internal dynamics of the 
multilateral Afghanistan nego¬ 
tiations. Untying the Afghan 
Knot WiW be of interest to practi- 

Riaz M. Khan is the Director 
General for Afghanistan AflFairs 
in the Ministry of Foreign Af¬ 
fairs in Islamabad. He wrote 
Untying the Afghan while a 

diplomat-in-residence at the 
Georgetown University Institute 
for the Study of Diplomacy in 

An Institute for the Study 
of Diplomacy Book 
400 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1155-0 
cloth, $49.95 




Military Occupation 
and Diplomacy: 

Soviet Troops in 
Romania, 1944-1958 

Sergiu Verona 

In 1958, after fourteen years of 
military occupation, 

Khrushchev—in an unprec¬ 
edented act—withdrew the 
Soviet Union’s troops from 
Romania as part of a political 
move intended to encourage the 
withdrawal of Western military 
forces from Europe. In analyzing 
this crucial historic episode, 
Sergiu Verona’s comprehensive 
study illustrates the dynamics of 
Soviet military presence in 
Romania and provides a frame¬ 
work for understanding Soviet 
security policy, then and now, as 
well as the interaction between 
Soviet military objectives and 

Drawing on recently declassified 
archival material in the United 
States and the United Kingdom, 
the author considers Khrush¬ 
chev’s reversal of Stalinist 
expansionism by examining 
the motivation, function, and 
operation of the initial occu¬ 
pation of Romania; the com¬ 
plex involvement of Soviet 
diplomacy and its perception 
by the United States and 
other Western powers; the 
process by which Khrushchev 
decided to withdraw Soviet 
troops from that country; and 
the impact of this decision on 
Soviet policy. 

Verona extends his analysis to 
the present, providing com¬ 
parisons between Khrush¬ 
chev’s and Gorbachev’s ap¬ 
proaches to Eastern Europe, 
noting that similarities exist 
not only in domestic policies 
but in the realm of foreign 
policy as well. This book fills 

an important gap in the history 
of Soviet and East European 
studies and will be of great 
interest to students and scholars 

Sergiu Verona is a Visiting 
Scholar in Soviet Studies at the 
Paul Nitze School of Advanced 
International Studies, Johns 
Hopkins University. He has 
spent most of his adult life in 

224 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1171-2 
cloth, $34.95 
February 1992 

Invented Truth: 
Soviet Reality and 
the Literary 
imagination of 
lurii Trifonov 

Josephine Woll 

In the “years of stagnation” 
before changed the 

cultural map of the Soviet 
Union, lurii Trifonov 
(1926-1981) defied the rules of 
censorship. In Invented Truth, 
Josephine Woll examines how, 
within the repressive artistic and 
political constraints of the Soviet 
publishing world, Trifonov 
managed not only to write on 
controversial topics such as 
Soviet history, but even to 
achieve and maintain popular 
status in doing so. 

Woll analyzes the aesthetic 
strategies Trifonov deployed in 
order to transmit his ideas and 
opinions to Soviet readers and 
elucidates the major themes of 
his late fiction. Drawing on both 
Western and Soviet scholarship, 
as well as interviews with many 
Soviet and emigre writers, liter¬ 
ary critics, and personal acquain¬ 

tances of Trifonov, Woll pro¬ 
vides detailed background on 
the Soviet literary milieu and the 
rules governing literary produc¬ 
tion and process. She concludes 
with an assessment of the impor¬ 
tance ofTrifonov in relation to 
the current intellectual climate 
of the Soviet Union. 

Specialists in Soviet studies will 
welcome this much-needed 
study on Trifonov as an impor¬ 
tant contribution to general 
literary scholarship. Subtly 
argued and written in clear, 
descriptive language. Invented 
Truth also be of importance 
to the general reader interested 
in Soviet cultural and political 

Josephine Woll is Associate 
Professor in the Department of 
German and Russian at Howard 
University in Washington, D.C. 
She is coauthor of Soviet Dissi¬ 
dent Literature: A Critical Guide. 

160 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1151-8 
cloth, $27.50 

Perspectives on 

Thomas Lahusen, editor 
Gene Kuperman, translator 

In the introduction to this spe¬ 
cial issue of S/lQon Soviet 
culture, we are told that “what 
seems increasingly certain is the 
breakdown of both the past and 
the future in favor of an advanc¬ 
ing present.” Just what that 
“present” might entail—in 
literature and literary history, in 
cultural theory, in philosophy, 
and in the politics that one way 
or another speaks to all of 
these—is addressed from a 
variety of perspectives by noted 
scholars from both East and 

Whether the speculative glance 
is back (to czarist Russia, to 
Pushkin, or to the texts pro¬ 
duced during the Zhdanov Era) 
or forward (to the “market 
Stalinism” compellingly pre¬ 
dicted by Boris Kagarlitsky), a 
sense of immediacy, of 
history-in-the-making, informs 
this volume. Essays include 
noted literary historian Mikhail 
Epstein’s exploration of modern 
developments in Soviet literary 
criticism, Valery Podoroga’s 
reflections on the work of 
Andrei Platonov, and novelist 
Mikhail Kuraev’s cautious ex¬ 
citement about changing times. 
Scholars in literary and Slavic 
studies will find this a stimulat¬ 
ing and essential collection, as 
will the general reader interested 
in Soviet cultural movements, 
past, present, and future. 

Contributors. Paul Debreczeny, 
Evgeny Dobrenko, Mikhail 
Epstein, Renata Galtseva, Boris 
Kagarlitsky, Mikhail Kuraev, 
Thomas Lahusen, Sidney 



Monas, Valery Podoroga, 

Irina Rodnyanskaya 

A special issue of The South 

Atlantic Quarterly 

Vol. 90, No. 2 (Spring 1991) 

227 pages 

paper, $10.00 


Forthcoming Spring 1992 

Published in cooperation 
with RFE/RL Research 
Insitute, Munich 

Tender Revolution: 

Causes, Events, Results 

Jan Obrman and Jifi Pehe 

Post-Communist Bulgaria, 
One Year and Counting 

Duncan M. Perry 

See also page 27 

Surge to Freedom: The End 
of Communist Rule in East¬ 
ern Europe 
j. F. Brown 

Social Currents in Eastern 
Europe: The Sources and 
Meaning of the Great Trans¬ 

Sabrina P. Ramet 

On Internal War: 
American and Soviet 
Approaches to Third 
World Clients and 

William E. Odom 

William E. Odom combines 
expertise in political science and 
military affairs to challenge both 
conventional and unconven¬ 
tional wisdom about insutgen- 
cies and political development. 
The authot concludes that in all 
three components of U.S. sttat- 
egy fot counterinsurgency— 
political, economic, and mili¬ 
tary—faulty notions of causa¬ 
tion infotm policy. U.S. advice 
to embattled governments fails 
to tecognize the inherent clash 
of development goals; direct 
fiscal aid hurts more often than 
it helps recipient govetnments; 
and the focus of U.S. military 
assistance on fighting insurgents 
plays to their strengths and fails 
to exploit theit weaknesses. 

On Internal War teviews the 
conttasting theory and practice 
in the Soviet and American 
approaches to their competition 
in the Thitd Wotld and telates 
them to indigenous causes of 
internal wars. Odom also inte¬ 
grates the military dimensions of 
insurgencies with extetnal influ¬ 
ences and internal politics. 
Drawing on political develop¬ 
ment theory, he underscores the 
soutces of instability in Third 
World states that make insut- 
gencies more likely and offers 
ways to assess the prospects for 
democracy in specific cases. 

The centerpiece of the study is a 
practical application of the 
author’s analysis to thtee case 
studies—El Salvadot, Guate¬ 
mala, and the Philippines—and 
a regional assessment of the 

Middle East. Odom provides no 
panaceas but suggests that more 
promising strategies can be 
devised. On Internal W^trwill be 
of keen intetest to political 
scientists, and policy and 
opinionmakers alike. 

William E. Odom is Adjunct 
Ptofessot of Political Science at 
Yale University and Director of 
National Security Studies at the 
Hudson Institute. He was Di- 
tector of the National Secutity 
Agency when he retited in 1988 
as Lieutenant Genetal in the 
U.S. Army. 

272 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1182-8 
cloth, $29.95 
February 1992 

The Government 
and Politics of 
the European 

Second Edition, 

Revised and Updated 

Neill Nugent 

With the impending establish¬ 
ment of a single European 
market in 1992, the importance 
of the European Community 
grows daily. This much-praised 
book offers a timely introduc¬ 
tion to the subject, explaining 
the nature and functioning of 
the Community. Originally 
published in 1989, this new 
edition has been thoroughly 
tevised and updated to reflect 
tecent changes. It has also been 
extended to provide a mote 
substantial considetation of 
decision-making and policy 
implementation, areas in which 
the Community has become 
incteasingly involved. 

Otganized in three main sec¬ 
tions, the fitst patt of the book 

examines the origins and histori¬ 
cal development of the Commu¬ 
nity. The second describes the 
powers, influence, and methods 
of functioning of the principal 
Community institutions and 
political actors. The third re¬ 
views the Community’s policy 
interests and processes. 

From reviews of the first edition: 

“A clear and measured account 
of how and why the Community 
works as it does.”— Times Liter¬ 
ary Supplement 

“Nugent manages throughout to 
convey the complexity of the EC 
system without confusing the 
readet. In short, it is an excellent 
book, with which it is difficult to 
find fault.”— West European 

Neill Nugent is Reader in Poli¬ 
tics at Manchester Polytechnic. 
He is coauthot of The British 
Right, Respectable Rebels, and The 
Left in France. 

364 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1193-3 

paper, $19.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1184-4 

library cloth edition, $49.95 


Rights: U.S. only 



The Crisis of 
Socialism in Europe 

Christiane Lemke and 
Gary Marks, editors 

The recent revolutions in East¬ 
ern Europe and the recasting of 
socialism in Western Europe 
since 1989 have given rise to 
intense debate over the origins, 
character, and implications of 
the “crisis” of socialism. Is so¬ 
cialism in ideological, electoral, 
or organizational decline? Is the 
decline inevitable or can social¬ 
ism be revitalized? This volume 
draws together historians and 
political scientists of Eastern and 
Western European politics to 
address these questions. 

The collection begins with an 
historical overview of socialism 
in Western Europe and moves 
toward the suggestion of a 
framework for a post-socialist 
discourse. Among the topics 
covered are: the birth and death 
of communism as a regime type 
in Eastern Europe; how different 
forms of national communism 
were smothered by Sovietization 
in the postwar period; the ori¬ 
gins of recent revolutions in 
Eastern Europe; the potential for 
social democracy in Hungary; 
the tole of the Left in a teunified 
Germany; and directions for the 
Left in general. 

The future of socialism is crucial 
to understanding European 
politics. Original and controver¬ 
sial, The Crisis of Socialism in 
Europe v/\\\ be essential reading 
for anyone interested in the 
shaping of the new Europe. 

Contributors. Geoff Eley, 

Konrad Jarausch, Herbert 
Kitschelt, Christiane Lemke, 
Andrei Markovits, Gary Marks, 
Wolfgang Merkel, Norman 
Naimark, Ivan and Szonja 
Szelenyi, Sharon Wolchik 

Christiane Lemke is on the 
Political Science faculty at the 
Freie Universitat of Berlin. Gary 
Marks is Associate Professor of 
Political Science at the Univer¬ 
sity of Notth Carolina at Chapel 

248 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1197-6 

paper, $14.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1180-1 

library cloth edition, $39.95 

January 1992 


The Dimensions of 
Federalism: State 
Governments and 
Pollution Control 

William R. Lowry 

The resurgence of state involve¬ 
ment in policymaking in recent 
years has renewed a 
long-standing debate about the 
most effective role for states 
within a federal system of gov¬ 
ernment. In The Dimensions of 
Federalism, William R. Lowry 
assesses this revitalization and 
examines the responsiveness and 
innovation of state governments 
in the area of pollution control 

Lowry argues that the likelihood 
of state governments providing 
leadership in domestic policies is 
determined by two dimensions 
inherent in a federal system: the 
potential for interstate competi¬ 
tion over resources and the 
degree of influence the federal 
government exerts on state 
decisions. Lowry builds upon 
this theoretical framework by 
presenting empirical evidence in 
four major pollution control 
areas: stationary source air pollu¬ 
tion, point source water pollu¬ 
tion, mobile source air pollu¬ 
tion, and nonpoint source water 

Employing a state-of-the-art 
methodological approach com¬ 
bining econometric analysis of 
data on all fifty states with an 
in-depth case study of a leading 
state in each policy area, the 
author concludes that state 
policymakers will often experi¬ 
ment and willingly improve 
upon federal pollution control 
standards. However, the fear of 
losing important constituents to 
interstate competition and the 
difficulty in coordinating efforts 

between states inhibits this spirit 
of innovation. Lowry’s timely 
study will be of great interest to 
students and scholars of Ameri¬ 
can public policy, federalism, 
and environmental politics. 

William R. Lowry is Assistant 
Professor of Political Science at 
Washington University in St. 

200 pages, I figure, 29 tables 
ISBN 0-8223-1162-3 
cloth, $29.95 

Export Controls 
in Transition: 
Problems, and 

Gary K. Bertsch and 
Steven Elliott-Gower, editors 

Like many cold war artifacts, the 
West’s export control policies 
and institutions are being re¬ 

evaluated after the tumult in the 
communist world at the end of 
the 1980s. Policymakers and 
scholars are being forced to 
reexamine the premises of ex¬ 
port control policy and the very 
concept of export controls as a 
tool of national security and 
foreign policy. This volume 
brings together expert scholars 
and government officials who 
provide contrasting perspectives 
and address the problems and 
prospects for export controls. 

The contributors discuss the 
role and function of export 
control policies from a variety of 
perspectives—security, com¬ 
merce, diplomacy, the European 
region, and that of the newly 
industrialized countries. Among 
the topics covered are the prob¬ 
lems the United States and the 
Western export control regime 
will face in the 1990s in light of 
changing international political 
alliances and dependencies, in 
defining strategic exports, in 
enforcing export controls, and 

the future role of the Coordinat¬ 
ing Committee for Multilateral 
Export Controls. 

This book provides vital dis¬ 
course surrounding the search 
for a multilateral export control 
policy that reflects the realities of 
the international political and 
economic environment, and will 
be of great interest to scholars 
and policymakers alike. 

Contributors. Sumner Benson, 
Beverly Crawford, Richard T. 
Cupitt, Dorinda G. Dallmeyer, 
Paul Freedenberg, Martin J. 
Hillenbrand, Hanns-Dieter 
Jacobsen, Bruce W. Jentleson, 
Kevin J. Lasher, William J. 

Long, Janne Haaland Matlary, 
Jere W. Morehead, Henry R. 
Nau, Han S. Park, Kevin F. F. 
Quigley, Alan B. Sherr, Chris¬ 
tine Westbrook 

Gary K. Bertsch is Professor of 
Political Science and Co-Direct¬ 
or of the Center for East-West 
Trade Policy at the University of 
Georgia. He is the editor of 
Controlling East-West Trade and 
Technology Transfers (Duke, 
1988). Steven Elliott-Gower is 
Assistant Professor of Political 
Science and Assistant Director 
of the Center for East-West 
Trade Policy. 

312 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1191-7 
paper, $21.95 
ISBN 0-8223-1186-0 
library cloth edition, $57.50 
January 1992 


splits. Multiple chapters are 
reserved for countries where the 
movement was more active or 
fully developed and various 
chaprers are organized around 
crucial thematic issues, such as 
the Fourth International. The 
chapters are followed by exten¬ 
sive name, organization, publi¬ 
cation, and subject indexes, 
which provide optimal access to 
the wealth of information con¬ 
tained in the main body of the 

International Trotskyism, 
ip2p-ip8^ s\\ou\d be in every 
research library and will be an 
invaluable reference source for 
scholars and students of Interna¬ 
tional Trotskyism, the political 
Left, political movements in 
general, and twentieth-century 
world history. 

Robert J. Alexander, Professor 
Emeritus of Economics and 
Political Science at Rutgers 
University, is the author of more 
than twenty-five books, includ¬ 
ing Trotskyism in Latin America. 

1184 pages 
7 X 10 trim size, 
double-column format 
ISBN 0-8223-0975-0 
cloth, $165.00 

Of related interest 

A Russian-English Social 
Science Dictionary 

Revised and Enlarged Edition 

Compiled by R. E. F. Smith 

1990. 495 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1088-0 

cloth, $39.95 

Rights'. World, excluding 

United Kingdom 



1929 - 1985 : 

A Documented 
Analysis of the 

Robert]. Alexander 

In a work of encyclopedic scope. 
International Trotskyism, 1929- 
1989 is sure to become the defini¬ 
tive reference work on a move¬ 
ment that has had a significant 
impact on the political culture of 
countries in every part of the 
world for more than half a cen¬ 

Renowned scholar Robert j. 
Alexander has amassed, from 
disparate sources, an unprec¬ 
edented amount of primary and 
secondary material to provide a 
documentary history of the 
origins, development, and na¬ 

ture of the Trotskyist movement 
around rhe world. Drawing on 
interviews and correspondence 
with Trotskyists, newspaper 
reports and pamphlets, historical 
writings including the annotated 
writings ofTrotsky in both 
English and French, historical 
memoirs of Trotskyist leaders, 
and documents of the Fourth 
International, Alexander re¬ 
counts the history of the move¬ 
ment since Trotsky’s exile from 
the Soviet Union in 1929. 

Organized alphabetically in a 
double-column, country-by- 
country format—from Albania 
to Bolivia, from China to India, 
from the United States to Viet¬ 
nam—this book charts the 
formation and growth of 
Trotskyism in more than 
sixty-five countries, providing 
biographic information about its 
most influential leaders, detailed 
accounts of Trotsky’s personal 
involvement in the development 
of the movement in each coun¬ 
try, and thorough reports of its 




What Makes 
Sound Patterns 
Expressive?: The 
Poetic Mode of 
Speech Perception 

Reuven Tsur 

Poets, academics, and those 
who simply speak a language 
are subject to mysterious intui¬ 
tions about the perceptual 
qualities and emotional symbol¬ 
ism of the sounds of speech. 
Such intuitions are Reuven 
Tsur’s point of departure in this 
investigation into the expressive 
effect of sound patterns, ad¬ 
dressing questions of great 
concern for literary theorists 
and critics as well as for lin¬ 
guists and psychologists. 

Research in recent decades has 
established two distinct types of 
aural perception; a nonspeech 
mode, in which the acoustic 
signals are received in the man¬ 
ner of musical sounds or natural 
noises; and a speech mode, in 
which acoustic signals are ex¬ 
cluded from awareness and only 
an abstract phonetic category is 
perceived. Here, Tsur proposes 
a third type of speech percep¬ 
tion, a poetic mode in which 
some part of the acoustic signal 
becomes accessible, however 
faintly, to consciousness. 

Using Roman Jakobson’s 
model of childhood acquisition 
of the phonological system, 

Tsur shows how the 
nonreferential babbling sounds 
made by infants form a basis for 
aesthetic valuation of language. 
He tests the intersubjective and 
intercultural validity of various 
spatial and tactile metaphors for 
certain sounds. Illustrating his 
insights with reference to par¬ 
ticular literary texts, Tsur con¬ 

siders the relative merits of 
cognitive and psychoanalytic 
approaches to the emotional 
symbolism of speech sounds. 
This interdisciplinary work 
integrates methods of cognitive 
science with traditions of literary 
criticism to address difficult 
questions in linguistics and in 
doing so shows to a diverse 
scholarly audience the relevance 
of great advances in speech 

Reuven Tsur is Professor in the 
Department of Hebrew Litera¬ 
ture at Tel Aviv University. He 
is also Director of the Katz 
Research Institute for Hebrew 
Literature, Tel Aviv University, 
where he heads the Cognitive 
Poetics Project. 

Sound and Meaning: The 
Roman Jakobson Series in 
Linguistics and Poetics 
216 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1170-4 
paper, $16.50 
ISBN 0-8223-1164-X 
library cloth edition, $32.50 
February 1992 

Also available in the series 

Markedness Theory: The 
Union of Asymmetry and 
Semiosis in Language 

Edna Andrews 
1990. 232 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0959-9 
cloth, $39.50 

Economics and 
National Security: 

A History of Their 

Craufurd D. Goodwin, editor 

Economics and National Security 
offers the first detailed examina¬ 
tion of the interaction between 
economics and national security 
and explores why the area of 
security studies has long been 
neglected by economists, even 
though defense and wartime 
expenditures regularly consume 
large portions of government 
income. The contributors dem¬ 
onstrate that the history of the 
relationship between economics 
and national security is far richer 
and more fascinating than previ¬ 
ously thought. 

As a point of departure the 
authors begin with the broad 
question of economists’ neglect 
of national security and proceed 
to develop a series of hypotheses 
about why economists disen¬ 
gaged from this important col¬ 
lection of policy-relevant topics. 
The essays examine a number of 
traditions in economics (classi¬ 
cism, neo-classicism, Marxism) 
as well as the ideas of individual 
thinkers (Pareto, Pigou, Veblen, 
Hitler, Rostow). This volume 
will be of interest to specialists in 
the areas of economics, political 
science, history, international 
relations, and international 

Contributors. William J. Barber, 
Jeff Biddle, Lawrence Birken, 
Christopher Davis, Craufurd D. 
Goodwin, Robert]. Leonard, 
John Lodewijks, S. Todd Lowry, 
Neil de March!, Philip 
Mirowski, Warren J. Samuels, 
Vincent]. Tarascio, John K. 



Craufurd D. Goodwin is James 
B. Duke Professor of Economics 
at Duke University. 

This volume represents the 1991 
Annual Supplement to the 
journal History of Political 
Economy. All 1991 subscribers to 
the journal will receive a copy of 
this book as part of their annual 

400 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1176-3 
cloth, $35.00 

Bernhard Eduard 
Fernow: A Story of 
American Forestry 

Andrew Denny Rodgers III 

With a Foreword by R. Max 

In this comprehensive biography 
of the life and career of Bernhard 
Eduard Fernow (1851-1923), the 
first professional forester in 
North America and an organizer 
of the forestry movement, An¬ 
drew Denny Rodgers III reveals 
the history of forestry in North 
America. Originally published in 
1951, this book is being brought 
back into print after twenty-five 
years in honor of the centennial 
of the National Forest system. 

Drawing on unpublished papers 
and voluminous records in 
contemporary forestry journals, 
Rodgers traces Fernow’s life as 
an organizer of the forestry 
movement; as a practicing for¬ 
ester at Slatedale, Pennsylvania; 
as primary architect of the U.S. 
Forest Service; as founding dean 
of the first professional forestry 
school in America at Cornell 
University; as editor of Forestry 
Quarterly, as dean of the faculty 
of forestry at the University of 
Toronto, the first in Canada; 
and as president of the Society of 
American Foresters and the 
Canadian Society of Forest 

Rodgers shows how Fernow’s 
story mirrors the growth of 
forestry from a popular propa¬ 
ganda movement, emphasizing 
“Woodman Spare That Tree” 
and Arbor Days, to recognition 
of forestry as a science and a 
profession, with branches as 
diverse as silviculture, dendrol¬ 
ogy, forest ecology, and wood 
technology. Many of the leaders 
in early American forestry figure 
prominently in this story and 
are discussed here. This book 
will be of great interest to schol¬ 
ars and students of the history 
of Canadian and U.S. forestry, 
of professions, and of North 
American history in general. 

Andrew Denny Rodgers III 
(1900-1981) is the author of 
Noble Fellow, John Merle 
Coulter, John Torrey, and 
Liberty Hyde Bailey. 

Distributedfor the Forest 

History Society 

640 pages 

ISBN 0-89030-047-x 

cloth, $19.95 




The Black Church in the 
African American Experience 

C. Eric Lincoln and Lawrence 
H. Mamiya 

“A long-needed look at what was 
once called ‘the invisible institu¬ 
tion’. ... The whole nation now 
has at its disposal much informa¬ 
tion that black communities 
have always taken for granted.” 

—^James Forbes, New York 
Times Book Review 

“[A] rare examination.” 

—Richard Ostling, Time 

1990. 536 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1073-2 
paper, $18.95 
ISBN 0-8223-1057-0 
library cloth edition, $47.50 


Some Write to the Future: ^ 

Essays on Contemporary 
Latin American Fiction 

Ariel Dorfman 

Translated by George Shivers 
with the author 

Formerly exiled Chilean author 
Ariel Dorfman—one of Latin 
America’s greatest fiction writers 
and a critic of popular culture— 
turns here to the writing of other 
Latin Americans; Asturias, 

Borges, Arguedas, Carpentier, 

Garcia Marquez, Roa Bastos, 
and the concentration camp 
literature of Chile. 

1991. 272 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1130-5 
cloth, $24.95tr 

Good Faith and Truthful 
Ignorance: A Case of 
Transatlantic Bigamy 

Alexandra Parma Cook and 
Noble David Cook 

Set in the era of Columbus’s 
discovery of America, this en¬ 
grossing drama and labyrinthine 
legal tale of a little-known Span¬ 
ish explorer tried for bigamy 
reveals much about the world of 
sixteenth-century Spain and 

1991. 224 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1086-4 
cloth, $2i.95tr 

The Cultural Origins 
of the French Revolution 

Roger Chattier 

Translated by 
Lydia G. Cochrane 

In this pathbreaking book, 
renowned historian Roger 
Chattier looks at “cultural ori¬ 
gins” of the French Revolution 
and the conditions that “made it 
possible because conceivable.” 
He expands upon Daniel 
Mornet’s groundbreaking work 
to synthesize the half-century of 
scholarship that has created a 
sociology of culture for Revolu¬ 
tionary France. 

Bicentennial Reflections on the 

French Revolution series 

1991. 240 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-0993-9 

paper, $8.95 

ISBN 0-8223-0981-5 

library cloth edition, $34.95 

The Soldiers of 
the French Revolution 

Alan Forrest 

This study places the armies of 
the Revolution in a broader 
social and political context, 
paying special attention to the 
effects of war and militarization 
on French society and French 
government during the Revolu¬ 
tionary period. “An outstanding 
contribution to the historiogra¬ 
phy of the French Revolution.” 
—G. C. Bond, Choice 

Bicentennial Reflections on the 
French Revolution series 

1989. 207 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0935-1 
paper, $8.95 

ISBN 0-8223-0909-2 
library cloth edition, $34.95 

Winner of the 1990 Charles Smith 
Book Award, presented by the 
European Section of the Southern 
Historical Association 

Revolutionary News: The 
Press in France, 1789-1799 

Jeremy D. Popkin 

Popkin highlights the most 
significant features of the Revo¬ 
lutionary press and breaks new 
ground in examining not only 
the famous journalists but the 
obscure publishers and the 
anonymous readers. “All stu¬ 
dents of the Revolution will 
welcome this intelligent synop¬ 
sis.”—Gwynne Lewis, Times 
Literary Supplement 

Bicentennial Reflections on the 
French Revolution series 

1990. 239 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0997-1 
paper, $8.95 

ISBN 0-8223-0984-x 
library cloth edition, $34.95 

The Brummer Collection of 
Medieval Art: Duke University 
Museum of Art 

Caroline Bruzelius with 
Jill Meredith 

The Brummer Collection of 
Medieval Art is remarkable for 
its breadth and the variety of 
objects represented, with works 
varying in scale from monumen¬ 
tal stone pieces to small-scale 
objects in wood, ivory, or metal. 
This fine catalog makes avail¬ 
able—for the first time—to art 
lovers and scholars alike this rich 
but little-known collection. 

Published in Association 
with the Duke University 
Museum of Art 

1991. 318 pages, 153 duotones, 

149 b&w photographs, 

16 color photographs 
8 1/2 X 11 trim size 
ISBN 0-8223-1055-4 
cloth, $65.00 

The Art Museums of 
Louis I. Kahn 

Patricia C. Loud 

Foreword by Michael 

This beautifully illustrated 
exhibition catalog provides the 
first comprehensive study of the 
renowned American architect 
Louis 1 . Kahn’s three art muse¬ 
ums: the Yale University Art 
Gallery, the Kimball Art Mu¬ 
seum, and the Yale Center for 
British Art. 

Published in Association with the 
Duke University Museum 
of Art 

1990. 304 pages, 271 duotones, 

7 color images 
10 X 13 trim size 
ISBN 0-8223-0998-x 
paper, $30.ootr 
ISBN 0-8223-0989-0 
cloth, $6o.ootr 


Victorian Subjects 

J. Hillis Miller 

1991.342 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1110-0 
cloth, $47.50 

Rights-. United States, Philip¬ 
pines, & Canada only 

Tropes. Parables, 
Performatives: Essays 
on Twentieth-Century 

J. Hillis Miller 

1991. 278 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1111-9 
cloth, $47.50 

Rights-. United States, Philip¬ 
pines, & Canada only 

Theory Now and Then 

J. Hillis Miller 

1991. 448 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1112-7 
cloth, $47.50 

Rights-. United States, Philip¬ 
pines, & Canada only 

In praise of J. Hillis Miller 

“J. Hillis Miller has been an 
eminent scholar, critic, and 
theorist.. . . These collections of 
his finest essays reveal the devel¬ 
opment of his ideas and the 
persistent brilliance of his close 
readings of major texts during a 
turbulent period for literary 
study.”—Emory Elliott, Presi¬ 
dential Chair of English, Uni¬ 
versity of California, Riverside 

Introducing Don DeLillo 

Frank Lentricchia, editor 

This first book-length collection 
of essays focusing on Don 
DeLillo places the author’s work 
in a cultural context, thereby 
adding considerably to the 
emerging critical discourse on 
his work. 

1991. 221 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1144-5 
paper, $9.95 
ISBN 0-8223-1135-6 
library cloth edition, $29.95 

Surge to Freedom: 

The End of Communist 
Rule in Eastern Europe 

J. F. Brown 

'"Surge to Freedom is a superb 
effort to capture and convey the 
momentous changes of 1989-90 
in East-Central and Southeast¬ 
ern Europe and an outstanding 
example of contemporary politi¬ 
cal history.”—Daniel T. Nelson, 
Carnegie Endowment for Inter¬ 
national Peace 

1991. 350 pages 

ISBN 0-8223-1145-3 

paper, $19.95 

ISBN 0-8223-1126-7 

library cloth edition, $45.00 

Rights-. North America and 


Social Currents in Eastern 
Europe: The Sources and 
Meaning of the Great 
T ransformation 

Sabrina P. Ramet 

Ramet examines various social 
currents—feminism, religious 
activism, youth culture, religious 
dissent—in East Germany, 
Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hun¬ 
gary, Yugoslavia, Romania, and 

1991. 448 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1148-8 
paper, $19.95 
ISBN 0-8223-1129-1 
library cloth edition, $49.95 

A Rock Garden in the South 

Elizabeth Lawrence 

Edited by Nancy Goodwin with 
Allen Lacy 

1990. 239 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0986-6 
cloth, $i9.95tr 

Gardening for Love: The 
Market Bulletins 

Elizabeth Lawrence 

Edited and with an Introduction 
by Allen Lacy 

1987. 238 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0887-8 
paper, $io.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0715-4 
cloth, $24.95tr 

The Little Bulbs: A Tale of 
Two Gardens 

Elizabeth Lawrence 

Introduction by Allen Lacy 

1957, reprinted 1986. 261 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0739-1 
paper, $ii.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0671-9 
cloth, $29.95tr 

In praise of Elizabeth Lawrence 

“As in all her gardening books, 
Elizabeth Lawrence writes from 
her own experience and personal 
records and out of relish and 
delight. . .. She’s written with 
the intimacy that comes of full 
knowledge, true and patient 
love, a grower’s sense of continu¬ 
ity in the natural world, and a 
lyricist’s lifetime practice of 
praise.”—Eudora Welty 

Landing Zones: Southern 
Veterans Remember Vietnam 

James R. Wilson 

“The book’s 24 entries read well 
and retain an individualistic 
texture. The stories are all brief, 
war-centered biographies. 
Wilson’s editorial hand obvi¬ 
ously shaped the stories, but 
they ring true.”—Marc Leepson, 
The Veteran 

1990. 312 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1041-4 
cloth, $2i.95tr 

Durham County 

A History of Durham County, 
North Carolina 

Jean Bradley Anderson 

“A vast and impressive piece of 
work, which not only supersedes 
all previous efforts but which 
will hold a proud and lasting 
place among other county histo¬ 
ries in North Carolina. . . . [The 
book is] a touchstone for further 
research for the next generation 
and beyond.”—Sydney 
Nathans, author of The Quest for 
Progress: The Way We Lived in 
North Carolina 

1991. 656 pages, 62 photographs 
ISBN 0-8223-1056-2 
cloth, $27.50tr 


Images of History: Nineteenth 
and Early Twentieth Century 
Latin American Photographs 
as Documents 

Robert M. Levine 

“In this intellectually stimulat¬ 
ing and aesthetically pleasing 
volume, historian Robert Levine 
broadens our horizons and 
resources for an appreciation of 
the issues ... across a broad 
spectrum of Latin American 
history.”—^Joseph L. Arbena, 
South Eastern Latin Americanist 

1989 (1990). 228 pages, 225 


ISBN 0-8223-0999-8 

paper, $34.95 

ISBN 0-8223-0883-5 

cloth, $72.50 

Averting the Apocalypse: 
Social Movements in 
India Today 

.Arthur Bonner 

“A guardedly optimistic, care¬ 
fully documented report of 
social movements that are not 
well known even in India but 
that may well be of far more 
importance for the future of the 
human race than many that 
claim more headline space.” 

—Ainslie T. Embree, New York 

1990. 464 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1048-1 
paper, $i7.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-1029-5 
cloth, $52.50 

Soviet Choreographers 
in the 1920s 

Elizabeth Souritz 

“The strength of Ms. Souritz’ 
text lies in her careful research¬ 
ing of the choreographic manner 
and ideals of her chosen figures 
.. others here acquire new sig¬ 
nificance and clearer identities 
for Western readers as she inves¬ 
tigates their ballets and analyzes 
both their themes and means of 
expression.”—Clement Crisp, 
The New York Times Book Re¬ 

1990. 384 pages, 75 photographs 
ISBN 0-8223-0952-1 
cloth, $29.95 

Rights-. World, excluding United 

Universities and the 
Future of America 

Derek Bok 

“ Universities and the Future of 
America, although critical of 
higher education, exudes confi¬ 
dence in the universities’ 
achievements and their poten¬ 
tial—confidence that sets it 
apart from the spate of jeremiads 
that have appeared over the past 
few years. It is also timely. As the 
cold war ends, Mr. Bok’s vision 
of socially relevant education 
and research ought to be taken 
seriously by readers both inside 
and outside the academy.” 

—Nancy S. Dye, The New York 
Times Book Review 

A Way of Seeing 

Helen Levitt 

With an essay by James Agee 

Third edition, a revision of the 
1981 Horizon edition with eigh¬ 
teen additional photographs 

“There is no fundamental differ¬ 
ence in the great landscapes and 
quiet portraits of Edward 
Weston and the profoundly 
revealing pictures of children by 
Helen Levitt. Both are photo¬ 
graphic perceptions of the high¬ 
est order.”—^Ansel Adams 

Published in association with the 

Center for Documentary Studies, 

Duke University 

1989. too pages, 86 duotone 


ISBN 0-8223-1005-8 

paper, $i9.95tr 

In the Street: Chalk 
Drawings and Messages, 

New York City. 1938-1948 

Helen Levitt 

With an essay by Robert Coles 

Bringing together more than one 
hundred drawings and messages 
sketched in chalk on sidewalks 
and walls by New York City 
children in the 1930s and 1940s, 
Levitt shows us a vision of 
America in those years with the 
lyricism and grace for which she 
is known. 

Published in association with the 

Center for Documentary Studies, 

Duke University 

1987.112 pages, 114 duotone 


ISBN 0-8223-0771-5 

paper, $20.ootr 

ISBN 0-8223-0728-6 

cloth, $39.95tr 

Arts in Earnest: 

North Carolina Folklife 

Daniel W. Patterson and 
Charles G. Zug III, editors 

This volume provides a striking 
sense of the richness of Nonh 
Carolina folk culture, including 
such topics as banjo songs, duck 
decoys, pranks in the mill, 
funeral-ribbon quilts. Jack tales, 
and the romance of the 
bright-leaf tobacco auctioneer’s 

1989. 329 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1021-X 
paper, $18.95 
ISBN 0-8223-0943-2 
library cloth edition, $42.50 

Plain Southern Eating: 

From the Reminiscences 
of A. L. “Tommie” Bass, 

Compiled and edited by 
John K. Crellin 

“Plain Southern Eatingh, a de¬ 
lightful addition to the growing 
number and wide range of 
Southern cookbooks.”—^Jeffrey 
Beam, Smithsonian 

1988.130 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0828-2 
cloth, $i4.95tr 


Edward Dorn 

Introduction by Marjorie Perloff 

Dorn’s epic fantasy about a 
demigod cowboy, a madam of a 
saloon, and a talking horse 
named Claude Levi-Strauss who 
travel the Southwest in search of 
Howard Hughes. 

1989. 202 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0932-7 
paper, $ii.95tr 
ISBN 0-8223-0964-5 
cloth, $24.95tr 


1990.128 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-1036-8 
cloth, $i4.95tr 


Hidden Illness in the 
White House 

Kenneth R. Crispell, M.D., 
and Carlos F. Gomez 

“Compelling . . . written in a 
graceful narrative style, with a 
sense of history and with careful 
documentation. The public’s 
right to know and the nation’s 
need for strong and rational 
leadership are equally well served 
by this powerful reminder that 
there must be no more hidden 
illness in the White House.” 

— Herbert L. Abrams, New York 
Times Book Review 

1988. 269 pages, II illustrations 
ISBN 0-8223-0839-8 
cloth, $29.95tr 

Politics by Humans: Research 
on American Leadership 

James David Barber 

“Barber is a major scholar of the 
presidency and political leader¬ 
ship. His books have had a 
significant impact on how we 
view the political behavior of 
presidents. Barber is knowledge¬ 
able and his style is provocative. 
Readers will find all chapters 
learned and engaging.”— Choice 

1988.519 pages 
ISBN 0-8223-0848-7 
paper, $21.95 
ISBN 0-8223-0837-1 
library cloth edition, S59.50 

The Mind is Not the Heart: 
Recollections of a Woman 

Eva J. Salber 

Foreword by William Bevan 

“The tone of these memoirs is 
one of calm and intelligent 
optimism. From her experience 
has come an engrossing book, an 
honest voice that will resonate 
with younger women and with 

physicians pursuing similar 
work, who can benefit from the 
wisdom in her story.”—Laura 
G. Hanson, M.D., The New 
England Journal of Medicine 

1989. 284 pages, 33 photographs 
ISBN 0-8223-0910-6 
cloth, $24.95tr 

Special Citation by the De la 
Torre Bueno Award Committee 

Solitary Song: An 

Pauline Koner 

“The whole point about Pauline 
Koner’s career is the very indi¬ 
vidual turn she took into the 
mainstream of American mod¬ 
ern dance. Artistically, she is her 
own ancestor... to trace the 
course of her career is to trace 
the course of an independent 
artist, an individualist, a great 
dancer, and, incidentally, a 
pioneer in dance on televi¬ 
sion.”—Anna Kisselgoff, The 
New York Times 

1989. 306 pages, 39 photographs 
ISBN 0-8223-0878-9 
cloth, $26.95 

American Literature 

A Journal of Literary History, 
Griticism, and Bibliography 

Cathy N. Davidson, editor 

Quarterly, current volume 63 
Subscription prices for 1991: $35 
institutions, $20 individuals, $10 
students, $20 secondary schools. 
Single issues $9. Add $8 for 
postage outside the U.S. 

ISSN 0002-9831 

Black Sacred Music 

A Journal ofTheomusicology 

Jon Michael Spencer, editor 

Semiannual, current volume 5 
Subscription prices for 1991: $30 
institutions, $15 individuals. 
Single current issues $10. Add $4 
for postage outside the U.S. 

ISSN 1043-9455 


boundary 2 

an inimwicnii Kwnv c< Mer&n M cubit I (MH ffr ^ A-tort 

boundary 2 

an international journal of litera¬ 
ture and culture 

Paul A. Bove, editor 

Three issues per year, current 
volume i8 

Subscription prices for 1991: $36 
institutions, $20 individuals. 
Single issues $12. Add $6 for 
postage outside the U.S. 

ISSN 0190-3659 

Duke Mathematical 

Morris Weisfeld, editor 

Nine issues per year, current 
volume 62/63/64 
Subscription prices for 1991: 
$396 institutions; $198 individu¬ 
als; $99 individuals, if institu¬ 
tion already subscribes. Single 
issues $44. Add $18 for postage 
outside the U.S. 

ISSN 0012-7094 


Shepard Krech 111 , editor 

Quarterly, current volume 38 
Subscription prices for 1991: $34 
institutions, $21 individuals, $12 
student/retired (includes mem¬ 
bership in the American Society 
fot Ethnohistory). Single issues 

ISSN 0014-1801 

Forest and 

Conservation History 

Alice E. Ingerson, editor 

Quarterly, current volume 35 
Subsctiption ptices for 1991: $35 
institutions, $25 individuals 
(includes membership in the 
Forest History Society). Single 
issues $8.75. Add $8 for postage 
outside the U.S. 

ISSN 1046-7009 

Hispanic American 
Historical Review 

Mark D. Szuchman, editor 

Quarterly, current volume 71 
Subscription prices for 1991: $64 
institutions, $32 individuals, $16 
students. Single issues $16. Add 
$8 for postage outside the West¬ 
ern hemisphere. 

ISSN 0018-2168 


History of 
Political Economy 

Crauflird D. Goodwin, editor 

Quarterly (plus a hardbound 
annual supplement), current 
volume 23 

Subscription prices for 1991: S80 
institutions, $40 individuals, 

$20 students. Single issues $15. 
Add $10 for postage outside the 

ISSN 0018-2702 

Journal of Health Politics, 
Policy and Law 

James A. Morone, editor 

Quarterly, current volume 16 
Subscription prices for 1991: $66 
institutions, $36 individuals, $16 
students. Single issues $17. Add 
$8 for postage outside the U.S. 
ISSN 0361-6878 

journal of Medieval and 
Renaissance Studies 

Annabel Patterson and Marcel 
Tetel, coeditors 

Semiannual, current volume 21 
Subscription prices for 1991: $42 
institutions, $22 individuals. 
Single issues $21. Add $4 for 
postage outside the U.S 
ISSN 0047-2573 

Journal of Personality 

Howard Tennen, editor 

Quarterly, current volume 59 
Subscription prices for 1991: $60 
institutions, $30 individuals, $15 
students. Single issues $12. Add 
$8 for postage outside the U.S. 
ISSN 0022-3506 

Mediterranean Quarterly 

A Journal of Global Issues 

Nikolaos A. Stavrou, editor 

Quarterly, current volume 2 
Subscription prices for 1991: $44 
institutions, $24 individuals, $12 
students. Single current issues 
$6. Add $8 for postage outside 
the U.S. 

ISSN 1047-4552 

The Opera Quarterly 

Bruce Burroughs, editor 

Quarterly, current volume 8 
Subscription prices for 1991: $40 
institutions, $32 individuals. 
Single issues $10. Add $8 for 
postage outside the U.S. 

ISSN 0736-0053 

Poetics Today 

Itamar Even-Zohar, editor 

Quarterly, current volume 12 
Subscription prices for 1991: $44 
institutions, $24 individuals, $14 
students. Single issues $11. Add 
$8 for postage outside the U.S. 
ISSN 0333-5372 

Social Science 
Computer Review 

G. David Garson, editor 

Ronald Anderson, coeditor 

Quarterly, current volume 9 
Subscription prices for 1991: $64 
institutions, $32 individuals. 
Single issues $16. Add $8 for 
postage outside the U.S. 

ISSN 0894-4393 

Social Science History 

Eric Monkkonen, editor 

Quarterly, current volume 15 
Subscription prices for 1991: $50 
institutions, $30 individuals 
(includes membership in the 
Social Science History Associa¬ 
tion), $12 students. Add $8 for 
postage outside the U.S. 

ISSN 0145-5532 


The South Atlantic Quarterly 

Frank Lentricchia, editor 

Quarterly, current volume 90 
Subscription prices for 1991: $32 
institutions, $16 individuals. 
Single issues $8. Add $8 for 
postage outside the U.S. 

ISSN 0038-2876 

Tel Aviv Review 

Gabriel Moked, editor 

Annual, current volume 3 (Win¬ 
ter 1991) 

Subscription prices for 1991: $28 
institutions, $14 individuals. 
Single issues $19.95. Add $2 for 
postage outside the U.S. 

ISSN 0792-1683 




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Ingerson, Alice E., 29 
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Tenney, Fhomas A., ii 
Terich, Fhomas A., 7 
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Tsur, Reuven, 24 
Verona, Sergiu, 19 
Wang, Jing, 9 
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